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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 575

It was raining outside. In the night, thunder and lightning flashed. It was raining outside. In the night, thunder and lightning flashed. Abel put Emmeline under the quilt, closed the window, and drew the curtains. Emmeline breathed evenly and slept soundly. Abel stroked her face with a slight smile. Then, he went back to his bedroom. Soon, it was midnight. Lightning flashed, and thunder exploded. Emmeline woke up by the noise and was sober. Only then did she realize she was sleeping alone in the guest room desolately and lonely. There was thunder and rain outside, and lightning flashed one after another. Emmeline was a little scared. She jumped out of bed with the pillow and entered Abel's bedroom. Abel was sleeping when he suddenly felt someone slip into his arms. He was slightly startled, then realized that it was Emmeline. "Why do you not sleep well in the room and sneak around at midnight? You scare me to death!" Abel turned on the bedside lamp. Emmeline nestled into his arms sleepily and muttered, "It's raining and thundering. I'm afraid. Can't I sleep with you?" "You're not afraid of anything but rain and thunder?" Abel pushed her away. "Don't make trouble! Go back to your room!" "I just want to sleep with you. " Emmeline sniffed aggrievedly. "Why are you so heartless?" "Why do we have to sleep together?" Abel said, "We're not a couple. " "Abel," Emmeline esked sedly, "You reelly don't love me? No effection for me?" "I don't love you enymore," Abel enswered coldly, "You cen't bleme me. It wes Weylon who geve me the medicine. I don't heve eny feelings for you. Whet do you went me to do? You cen only bleme Weylon

"I'm yours. Don't you want me?" Emmeline's eyes were full of tears of expectation. Abel did not say a word but pulled the quilt to wrap her

. "Go back to your room. You really don't love me anymore? You don't want me anymore?" "I said it. You can't force me. " "You mean no love? Abel, I won't talk to you anymore!" Emmeline felt ashamed and angry. She jumped out of bed and ran out of the room. Abel thought she would return to her room, but he heard Kendra shout, "Ms. Emmeline, it's raining outside! Where are you going?" It turned out that Emmeline had returned to her room to put on her clothes and ran downstairs. "I'm going back to Nightfall Cafe! I don't want to stay here anymore!" Emmeline's desperate cry came from the stairs. Abel got up, grabbed his coat, and ran out of the bedroom. Emmeline had already opened the door and ran out into the rain. "Notify the guard!" Abel called to the bodyguard on duty, "Don't open the door for Emma!" Meanwhile, Emmeline had already rushed toward the gate desperately. Her car was not there. And Luca held the car keys for Abel's car. "Emma!" Abel chased out with a black umbrella. "Come back! You'll catch a cold!" "I don't want your care!" Emmeline cried in the heavy rain. "You don't love me! What right do you have to care for me?" "Emma, ​​be obedient!" Abel rushed over. "Come back with me!" "I ask one more time! Do you love me?" Emmeline turned and yelled at him. She was wet all over. Abel did not answer her. "You don't answer. It means you don't love me anymore. Why should I go back?" Thunder exploded above Abel's head. The black umbrella was grounded, and an electric current passed through Abel's body. He suddenly shuddered