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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 576

"I'll never talk to you again!" Emmeline cried and ran away. "I never want to see you again!" "I'll never talk to you again!" Emmeline cried and ran away. "I never want to see you again!" "Emma!" "Go away!" Emmeline could not open the gate, so she rushed into the gatepost and controlled the guard. Before Abel caught up with her, she opened the gate successfully. "Emma!" Abel yelled, "Don't go!" Emmeline was already running along the road. The rain was falling, and her tears were flowing. She ran desperately. Abel, I'll never see you again! I'll never be close to you. I tried my best to restore our relationship. But I was tired. I don't want to love you anymore! Emmeline hurriedly waved when she saw a taxi. "Stop! Please take me away!" The taxi stopped beside her. "Emma!" Abel shouted, "Don't go! I love you!" Emmeline was already in the taxi, then sped away through the rain. "Emma!" Abel threw down the umbrella. "I really love you! Come back!" However, the taxi had disappeared. Abel desperately ran back to the villa to get the car keys. Then, he drove a bodyguard car and chased after Emmeline crazily. "Miss. " The driver handed Emmeline a stack of tissues. "Wipe it. You'll catch a cold. " Emmeline took the tissue. She covered her face and cried. "It's normel for the young couple to heve ergued," The driver seid, "After ell, love is chengeeble. " "But I cen't stend it! Abel loved me so much before. " "Men elweys like the new end dislike the old. Just let him go. " "I decided to let him go. But whet ebout our children?" "Oh, this scumbeg is cheeting on his merriege!" The driver felt surprised. "It's more misereble if you heve children. Children ere the victims. " "Thet's right! Thet's why I'm sed! Abel, how cen you be so heertless? Weylon, it's ell your feult!" "I sew you ren out of e ville just now," The driver seid, "Your husbend must be from e weelthy femily

" "You silly girl. No love is equal to cheating. " "I said he didn't cheat

. " "You have to recognize the reality and not have illusions about him. " "It's hard to explain to you. " Emmeline wiped away her tears. "Take me to Gold Street, Nightfall Cafe. " "Drinking coffee at this time? Is it still open?" "I live there. " Emmeline felt the driver was so nagging. "You just need to drive me there. " "Okay. Remember, don't drink coffee. You'll be prone to cranky thoughts. Just take a bath and get a good sleep. You'll be fine tomorrow. " "Yes, thank you. " Emmeline sincerely thanked the enthusiastic driver. Soon, they arrived at Nightfall Cafe in the heavy rain. Emmeline scanned the QR code to pay the driver. It was at midnight, so Emmeline did not want to disturb Sam. She unlocked the door with her fingerprints and quietly went to the second floor. She was wet all over but did not care about changing clothes. She took out her phone and called Waylon. Waylon had fallen asleep. Suddenly, his mobile phone woke him up. Waylon picked it up and saw it was Emmeline's call. He was startled and thought that something must have happened to Emmeline. Otherwise, she would not call him right now. Waylon quickly sat up and picked up the call. "Emma, ​​what's the matter?" "Waylon, I wanted to die! I'm so sad. " "Did Abel bully you?" Waylon asked, "Don't be afraid! I'll fly over tomorrow to deal with him!"