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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 577

"Not Abel, but your Worryfree. " Emmeline sobbed. "Abel doesn't love me anymore, but I still love him. I'm so sad. It's all your fault!" "Not Abel, but your Worryfree. " Emmeline sobbed. It's all your fault!" "How can this be my fault?" Waylon was somewhat aggrieved. "If it weren't for Worryfree, Abel would have died. " "But Abel doesn't love me anymore! I still love him! I'm so sad!" "That's easy. " Waylon breathed a sigh of relief, then said unhurriedly, "It's easy to solve. " "Easy?" Emmeline asked in surprise, "Do you have a way? Can you make Abel love me again?" "I can't confirm that," Waylon answered, "That depends on your fate with Abel, as well as your attractiveness. " "Then, what else?" Emmeline pouted angrily. "I thought you had a way. " "I did have a way," Waylon said, "I can make you not love him anymore. So you won't have any troubles. " "Huh?" Emmeline was taken aback. "What do you mean?" "What a fool!" Waylon explained. "Abel doesn't have feelings for you. You can eliminate your feelings for him too. What's the good of falling in love? It's troublesome!" Emmeline was speechless. Waylon, I know you are doing it for my good. So I won't fly to Osea to strangle you! Weylon seemed not to feel Emmeline's gritting teeth. "When you returned to Struyrie, I put Worryfree in your suitcese. Drink it insteed of felling in love with Abel. When you forget him, you'll live e better life. Don't you still heve Mester end me? We love you. " Emmeline did not enswer Weylon. Weylon esked me to give up loving Abel

Emmeline sniffed it. There was no flavor. But this tasteless pack of medicinal powder deprived Abel of his affection for her

. After she took the medicinal powder, she and Abel would be even. They would become strangers and forget each other. Of course, they could also fall in love with someone else and get married separately. They would not interfere with each other anymore. Emmeline was a little tempted. At this moment, Abel arrived. He did not have time to park the car in the parking lot but stopped it on the sidewalk in front of Nightfall Cafe. It was still raining. Abel patted the door. "Emma, ​​open the door!" Emmeline was startled when she heard the noise from downstairs. Is Abel coming? He's fast enough! After a while, Sam ran out of the room. "Ms. Louise, you're back! It's raining now. Why are you back? You're all wet. " "Is Abel coming?" Emmeline asked, "I heard him shouting outside. " "It's Mr. Abel," Sam answered, "His yelling woke me up, then I saw you. " "Go down and open the door for him first," Emmeline said, "It's raining. He'll get wet. " "What are you doing?" Sam saw Emmeline holding a paper bag. "Nothing. " Emmeline hid Worryfree behind her. "It's nothing. Go to open the door for Abel. "