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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 579

With the warm bath bringing the temperature of her shivering body up, Emmeline felt much better. With the warm bath bringing the temperature of her shivering body up, Emmeline felt much better. Her heart raced especially when her bare flesh came in contact with Abel's scorching but firm pecs. Come to think of it, Abel was in his birthday suit too. It was hard to keep her eyes closed as her eyelids were giving her away. Emmeline had to slowly come to. "Where am I? What happened?" Abel caught a whiff of a strong stench of paprika when Emmeline opened her mouth. Abel furrowed his brows. What did it taste like when I took Worryfree again? I don't remember much of it. I don't recall the smell of smoked paprika though. Sigh. Waylon is peculiar to come up with some type of drug. Even the taste and smell were unique. "Emma… Are you awake, babe?" Holding Emmeline tightly in his embrace, Abel breathed into her ear. "Why are you holding me? This is no way for a gentleman to behave. " Emmeline put up a struggle. "It's my fault, Emma. I love you. I'm your husband, so it's okay that I hold you. I don't have to be a gentleman in our bedroom. " Abel refused to let her go. "But I don't love you. You're not my husband. Did I marry you? Don't try to take advantage of me when I'm most vulnerable. " Emmeline pulled a straight face. Abel enswered, "We will soon get merried. The wedding plenner picked e dete for us lest month, end it's not long now. " Emmeline pouted. "But I don't love you. Why must I get merried to you? I don't went to be in e loveless end unheppy merriege!" "We get elong well. Besides, I will love end spoil you. I believe thet you will fell in love with me ell over egein," Abel petiently soothed her. "Not necesserily. I don't heve eny feelings for you

" "Are you talking about… Benjamin and whatnot?" Abel cautiously inquired. "Yeah. You're not the only fish in the sea

. " Abel scowled. "I'm not a fish. I, your husband, am a man every socialite in the city dreams of marrying. " "But I'm not one to dream. You're free to marry whoever. Just leave me out of it. " Emmeline pursed her lips. "Emma…" Emmeline put her finger up his chiseled chest. "It's indecent of you to hold me while you're naked. You have no shame. Let go of me now and get out!" Abel had no words. "Get out. Don't try to pull something on me. " Emmeline pushed him out. Abel put his hand behind the back of her head to pull her close for a passionate kiss. Emmeline raised her hand to hit him and cried, "Mgh! Hmph! You perv! Thug!" Her catfight did not scare Abel as he deepened the kiss, nearly sucking all the air out of her. The little lady went limp in his arms. All her strength was channeled to catching her breath. As if that was not enough, Abel got a little too excited, and it showed. Still, he dared not touch Emmeline under such circumstances. She did not love him anymore and taking her by force would only complicate things. Still, he could not keep his soldier down. Abel cussed, "Godd*mnit!" He jolted up from the water. His manhood, standing tall and proud, brushed against the tip of Emmeline's nose. Emmeline shrieked. Abel wrapped a towel around his waist and left the bathroom. Emmeline's heartbeat went erratic. The only thing on her mind was a replay of that beast. Feeling a stir in her core, she wiggled to shake the feeling off. She had "lost" her feelings for Abel, so she could not fall for him so easily. Otherwise, Emmeline downed half a bottle of smoked paprika for nothing