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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 581

"I didn't know Ms. Louise hid the Worryfree drug in her suitcase. Had I known, I would've thrown it away. " Abel mumbled, "It's not Emma's fault. The drug is probably her best bet if I could not find my feelings for her again. " "But you said that you are smitten with Ms. Louise again, so I think Mr. Waylon's Worryfree drug might not be as effective," Sam said. Abel replied, "That's hard to say. I remember waking up from taking the drug, feeling absolutely nothing for Emma. Otherwise, I'd have died on Adelmar Island. " Sam looked dejected. Abel was right about it. Luca had mentioned to Sam about Abel's situation then. Sigh. Sam put all the blame on Waylon. "I can fall in love with Emma all over again. The lightning struck me, bringing back all my emotions for Emma. " Abel kneaded his temples. "Huh? A lightning strike?" Sam was surprised. "Yeah. " "It's not like we should push Ms. Louise to get struck by lightning, Mr. Abel. It's too risky. " Abel said, "I'm only talking about a possibility. I might be wrong, but the lightning traveled through the umbrella and shocked me, and suddenly I realized I had been worried and missing Emma like crazy. I don't want to lose her

"Don't mention it, Mr. Abel. I don't need your thanks and Luca

. " "I hope you can be my inside person. " "Relax. I will. " The following morning, Emmeline got out of bed, humming a tune; washed up, humming a tune; and entered the kitchen, humming a tune. She made herself something rich and delicious. It took a single night for her to stop dwelling on her emotional problems, and now she was full of life again. Love was a powerful and all-consuming force that could lead to pain and even death. Hahaha! She felt a burden of emotions lifted from her shoulders, and life was good. "Ms. Louise, you look happy. " Sam drew close. "Why shouldn't I be happy?" Emmeline blinked in surprise. Sam pouted her lips. There was a reason to be unhappy. Abel was unhappy. Folding his arms, Abel leaned against the kitchen door frame. He cocked his head to look at the heartless woman. Now that she suddenly had no feelings for him, she looked as chirpy as a bird. "Are you making breakfast, Ms. Louise? What do you fancy having? I will make it for you both. " Sam rolled up her sleeves. "Us both? Who are us?" Emmeline blinked again. "You and Mr. I doubt Mr. Abel had his breakfast yet," Sam answered