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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 582

"Correction. I am me, and Abel is Abel. We're two different people. Don't lump us together," Emmeline said. "But you share four lovely children together. Plus, you're getting married soon. " Sam tried to talk some sense into Emmeline. "Yeah, right. How can two people, who are not in love, get married?" "But Mr. Abel loves you, Ms. Louise. Do you really not love him anymore?" Sam blinked her wide eyes. "Didn't you know that I took the Worryfree drug last night? Waylon's drug is number one. I should apply for the patent on his behalf," Emmeline cheerfully uttered. "So… you don't have feelings for Mr. Abel anymore?" Sam miserably looked at Emmeline. Emmeline replied, "He was the first to stop loving me. I couldn't take the pain. It was only fair that I did the same. We can forget each other and move on. " Abel pinched his nose bridge. Move on? It's like the end of the world for me. Sam persuaded, "But Ms. Louise, Mr. Abel was struck by lightning and somehow found his feelings for you again. You, on the other hand, don't love him anymore. Isn't it suffering for Mr. Abel too?" Emmeline responded, "Serves him right! He deserved to be struck by lightning. The lightning would miss him if he recalled his feelings earlier

Once her belly was filled, Emmeline went to her bedroom for a change of clothes and simple makeup. Half an hour later, she was all dolled up. Sam went downstairs half an hour ago

. She was ready to open the café for business. Sam pushed the shutters open, only to find ten burly men outside the door. The group of muscle men were dressed in black suits and sunglasses. Sam had the shock of her life, thinking that the mafia was after them. She was about to close the door when someone called out her name. "Sam. " The familiar voice calmed Sam's racing heart. The men outside the door were Abel's security detail. The person who called her was Luca. "Luca, what are you doing here?" Sam sweetly asked. Luca responded, "We came over before dawn. Is Mr. Abel here?" Sam answered, "Yeah. He arrived here in the rain last night. He was soaked to the bone. " "Is Ms. Louise here too?" Luca glanced upstairs. "Yeah. Mr. Abel came here in the rain to chase after Ms. Louise. " Sam bobbed her head. It was a shame Luca did not have the pleasure to witness the drama. Luca was asleep then, and the bodyguard on duty did not wake him. "Were you drenched too?" Sam checked the other bodyguards out