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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 583

"We were lucky. The rain had stopped by the time we got here," Luca answered. Sam uttered, "Did you have breakfast? I'll make you something. Come on in and have a seat. " "Alright. Thank you, Sam," Luca was quick to reply. The security team behind Luca said altogether, "Thank you, Sam. " Abel got dressed into the suit he left in the house the last time and walked downstairs. He ran into Luca and the other bodyguards who were thanking Sam and elbowing into the house. "Tell them to grab breakfast in a restaurant. There are nine of you. How much can she cook for all of you?" Abel pulled a long face. Sam smiled. "It's okay. I can cook in batches. It won't take long. " Left with no excuse to take it out on his security team, Abel gave a nod. He instructed Luca, "Why are you standing there? Clean up the place and run a business. " Getting the message from Abel, Luca beckoned his team. "Mop the floor, wipe the tables, arrange the chairs, and make coffee. " The bodyguards rolled up their sleeves and got down to business. Thanks to the power in numbers, the café was sparkling clean in no time. Luca said, "Take a seat and wait to be served. Don't just stand there. Are you trying to scare the customers?" The bodyguards obediently sat down in order. They put their sunglasses on the edge of the table rather uniformly. Abel took a glance at them. Luca had some success with the bodyguards' training. It did not take long before the first batch of breakfast was out of the oven

" Emmeline looked askance at Abel. Abel was lost for words. Sam pouted her luscious lips

. "Why three cups?" "A cup for me, Benjamin, and Janie. I'm going to the Adelmar Group, remember?" Emmeline answered. Sam widened her eyes and gave Abel a sympathetic look. "Girl, did you get dolled up to deliver coffee to Benjamin?" Abel curled his lips bewitchingly. "None of your business. Who are you?" Emmeline stared at him in disdain. Abel grimaced. "Who am I? I'm your husband, your man!" "I don't have a husband. I'm not married. Don't act like you're close to me. I have no man. " Emmeline pursed her lips. "Where did your four children come from without a man? I won't allow you to get too close to Benjamin. " Abel scowled. "Why? It's not like you love me. Who are you to stop other men from showing me affection?" Emmeline rolled her eyes. Abel had a vicious look. "Who said I don't? I said it a hundred times. I love you! I love you! My heart belongs to you! Can't you get it to your head?" Emmeline said nothing, but her heart skipped a beat. She was blushing too. Luca and the security team were dumbstruck. They picked their heads up from their plates in shock and stared at their boss in disbelief. I love you! I love you! My heart belongs to you… Was it something that came out of Mr. Abel's mouth? Embarrassed, Abel gave a chilling look and sternly uttered, "What are you looking at? Haven't you seen a public declaration of love before?"