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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 584

Feeling intimidated, the security team hung their heads low and buried their faces in their food. Sam gave Emmeline a nudge. "Look, Ms. Louise. Mr. Abel is willing to do so much for you. Can't you give him a chance?" "I didn't ask him to, so why should I?" Emmeline expressed contempt. Sam had no words. "He could've said it before I took the Worryfree drug. It's too late to say anything now. I don't love him anymore. I'm considering my next love life now. " Sam thought to herself. I'll just keep my mouth shut. Abel stood before Emmeline. "No, Emma. The next guy for you will still be me. It has to be me. No need to consider it. I didn't. I never stopped loving you. " Emmeline downplayed the situation. "You can't compare your personal experience with others. I might just hit it off with the next guy. Love is strange. You can never control or force it. It happens naturally. " Abel was at a loss. Jesus Christ. What am I supposed to do now? D*mn Waylon! Hang on, I should be blaming the Worryfree drug Waylon invented! Worryfree was a lifesaver but a curse too. "In any case, I won't allow you to fall in love with another man!" Abel's tyranny trait was kicking up again

"The boss is too important to drive themselves to work. Leave it to me. " Abel took the bag of coffee from Emmeline

. Emmeline gave it a thought before nodding. "Alright. I'll hire your service for now. " Overjoyed, Abel reached out to hold Emmeline's hand. Emmeline withdrew her hand and glared at him. "Do you have a chauffeur who holds your hand wherever you go?" Abel made a pouty face. "Aren't we crossing the road? I'll hold your hand to cross the road. It's safer. " "I can handle myself. Just bring the car around," Emmeline uttered. Abel had to drop the subject. Once out of the café, it struck Abel that he parked the security vehicle right outside the café. Where was the car? Luca rushed over. "Mr. Abel, I drove the car to the parking lot with the spare key. The car had three parking tickets. " "Oh. " Abel said nothing else. He carried the bag and took Emmeline's hand to cross the road. Emmeline shook his hand off when they arrived at the parking lot. Abel opened the back door of the Rolls Royce for Emmeline. He got behind the wheel. The journey to the Adelmar Group's basement parking lot took ten minutes. Abel pulled up at a parking spot. Luca tagged along in the back with one of the three security vehicles. Emmeline made a beeline to the CEO's exclusive elevator and accessed it with her thumbprint. Abel deftly squeezed into the elevator with her. "Why are you coming along?" Emmeline's eyes popped open