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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 585

"Coffee. I'm delivering coffee to Benjamin. " Abel flashed the coffee bag. "I won't trouble you on that. " Emmeline put her hands out to grab the bag, but Abel raised his arm up high. Emmeline could not reach it despite getting on her tiptoes. "You're a lady boss. It's not a boss' job to deliver coffee," Abel said. "I think you're looking for an excuse to get upstairs with you. Your job as a chauffeur is over. You can leave," Emmeline uttered. Abel pressed the floor button, turning a deaf ear to Emmeline's reply. The elevator was already moving up anyway, so he did not have to get off. Emmeline scoffed and turned her face away, refusing to give him the time of the day. However, the elevator had three-sided mirrors. She could see Abel standing tall behind her in each mirror. It was a full-frontal view of his handsome face. While Emmeline did not want to look at his face, he was everywhere no matter where she looked. Emmeline picked her head up and looked to the top. There was a mirror on the ceiling too. She could still see Abel near her. His high nose bridge and ruggedness were in full glory. The man was good-looking even from an aerial view. With the elevator opening on the 88th floor, Emmeline took a step out of there. Abel hurriedly kept up with her. He walked behind her with a bag in hand. Once outside the CEO's office, Joey, the secretary stopped Emmeline. "Mr

" Benjamin furrowed his brows. What game was Abel playing? Did he not have feelings for Emmeline anymore? Why was he following Emmeline around when there were no feelings involved? Abel was clearly here to keep an eye on Emmeline. Besides, he appeared jealous

. He did not look like he had fallen out of love with Emmeline. "Come on in, Mr. Abel. Call Janie over," Benjamin instructed Joey. "Sure, Mr. Benjamin. " Joey reluctantly took her eyes away from Abel and went to the secretariat office to call Janie. It did not take long for Janie to arrive. Her arrival was announced by the clicking of her heels from afar. Abel was sitting on the sofa. He suddenly stood up and walked out of the office. He stopped Janie from entering the office. Abel then shut the door behind him. Janie exclaimed in surprise, "Mr. Abel? Isn't Emma here? Why are you stopping me from getting inside?" Abel took her by the arm and eagerly said, "Can I have a moment with you, Ms. Eastwood?" Seeing that Abel was acting weird, Janie took him to her office. "What's the matter?" Janie waited until the door was closed before asking. "Do you know about the Worryfree drug, Ms. Eastwood?" Abel cut to the chase. "Yeah. You took the drug and stopped loving Emma. Emma was so upset. She even got the wedding gown ready. I'm not sure what she's going to do with the wedding dress. " "Of course, we'll get married…"