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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 586

"Of course, we'll get married! I've fallen in love with Emma all over again, and I love her with all my heart," Abel said. Janie leaped with joy. "That's great. When are you getting married? This is great news!" Abel uttered with a long face, "That's the problem. Emma took the Worryfree drug last night, so she…" "W-What?" Hit by waves of emotion, Janie did not know how to react. "Emma took the Worryfree drug? Does she… Does she…" Abel grimaced. "That's right. Emma stopped loving me overnight. I'm no better than a stranger to her. " "How did this happen? Why do you always let one another slip away?" Janie flipped out. "I can't let things spiral out of control. That's why I can't leave Emma out of my sight," Abel replied. "What's the point of following her? You can't force a relationship," Janie answered. Abel said, "Better safe than sorry. Emma wanted to deliver coffee to Benjamin first thing in the morning. She's having a work lunch with Benjamin later. You know Benjamin is my rival, whether in business or love. " "I know. " Janie sympathetically nodded. "Besides, you probably don't want Emma and Benjamin to get together, right?" "Um… No one can stop that from happening if it does happen. " Janie smiled dryly. "That's what you think, but I must stop them. I can't allow Benjamin to swoop in and sweep Emma off her feet. We must be on a united front, Ms. Eastwood," Abel uttered. "United front?" "That's right. " Abel seemed to get through to Janie

I was busy with a client. " "Come over since you're done. Your coffee is getting cold

. " "Alright, Emma. " Janie hung up and told Abel, "Let's go. They're alone in a room now. " "Okay. " Abel hurried out of Janie's office. The pair arrived at the CEO's office one after the other. Under the impression that Abel had gone to the loo, Emmeline did not think much of it. Benjamin, on the other hand, had an inkling about something weird going on. He sent a text to Eric, his personal assistant. "I want the surveillance footage outside my office from three minutes ago. " Eric texted back, "Sure, Mr. Benjamin. " Several minutes later, a file was sent to Benjamin's phone. Benjamin set his phone mute and clicked on the video file. He saw Abel abduct Janie to the secretariat office. Benjamin furrowed his brows but said nothing. He thought something strange was going on when Emmeline showed up unannounced early in the morning, and Abel followed her around like a puppy dog. Why did Abel kidnap Janie to the secretariat office? "Emma, enjoy your coffee in the office with Abel. I need to attend a brief meeting," Benjamin said with a smile. "I'll go too. " Emmeline stood up. "Why should you go? Janie can come along. Stay here with Abel,' Benjamin uttered