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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 587

"I'm going, and that's final. Career is more important than men. Plus, I don't like this guy here," Emmeline said. Abel scowled. Benjamin widened his eyes. What was going on? What had gotten into Emma? Was she not head over heels for Abel? Why was Emmeline saying that she did not like the man? While Benjamin was scratching his head, Janie gave him a look. Benjamin told Emmeline, "Be good now, Emma. Abel is a guest. You should stay with him. I'll be right back after the meeting. " "I want to go with you. I should take part in matters about Adelmar. " Emmeline held Benjamin's arm. "Leave the company affairs to Benjamin. " Abel made his presence known by squeezing between Emmeline and Benjamin, forcing Emmeline to let go of Benjamin's arm. As Emmeline tried to take hold of Benjamin again, Janie was one step ahead at hogging Benjamin's arm. "Yeah, Emma. Enjoy your coffee with Mr. Abel. Mr. Benjamin and I will be at the meeting. " Janie dragged Benjamin out and closed the door behind them

" "So the situation now is Abel loves Emma, but Emma doesn't care about Abel anymore?" Waylon inquired. "Yes. What should we do now?" Benjamin responded

. "When did that happen? How is it possible that Emma has no idea about Abel's feelings for her? Why was she so dumb to take the drug?" Waylon frowned. Benjamin was lost for words. He had no clue about what took place or how it happened last night. Benjamin answered, "Hang on, Waylon. I'll ask Sam for the specifics. I'll call you back in a bit. " "Alright. We'll talk when you find out what's going on. No point guessing around," Waylon remarked. After the call with Waylon, Benjamin dialed Sam's number. Sam started weeping. "That's right. Abel said his heart belongs to Ms. Louise, but Ms. Louise didn't listen to him and took the Worryfree drug. There was a strong stench of paprika. I don't think I can ever forget the smell. " "Paprika? Is that the smell of the drug?" Benjamin furrowed his brows