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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 588

"Yeah. I do most of the cooking, so that's an aroma I'm familiar with," Sam answered. Benjamin commented, "That's eccentric of Waylon. He invented a weird drug, only to add a strange smell to it. " "Yeah. The thick smell of common seasoning reminds me of my mom. " "Alright. I'll let Waylon know. He didn't believe me when I told him," Benjamin said. Sam gave a nod. Prior to hanging up, she uttered, "Okay. Mr. Benjamin, don't try to swoop in and take Ms. Louise away. It's indecent to do that. " Benjamin was lost for words. It was a great opportunity. Benjamin was confident that Emmeline would fall in love with him so long as her feelings for Abel were no more. He was the only person in the whole of Struyria who could compete with Abel. Sam nervously said, "Why aren't you talking, Mr. Benjamin? Don't get any ideas!" "I know. What do you take me for? Am I that type of person?" Benjamin questioned. Once the call ended, Benjamin rang Waylon back. "Waylon, Abel is now in love with Emma, but Emma didn't hear him say it, so she took the Worryfree drug. Sam said it smelled like paprika. Why must you add such a weird smell for a drug?" Waylon fell silent for a moment before bursting into laughter. "Is this a time to laugh, Waylon? How can you make light of the situation?" Benjamin was furious. Waylon replied, "Here's the thing. Can you ask Sam to check whether she has the smoked paprika seasoning in the kitchen? If she has none, I can mail a few bottles over

Louise's personal items? Ms. Louise will be pissed if she finds out. " Sam pouted

. "Just do it. I'll take responsibility for it. " "Alright then. " Sam gave a nod. The pair entered the master bedroom, and Sam pulled out Emmeline's suitcase from the closet. The suitcase was not locked, so it was easy to open. Benjamin kneeled to rummage around the suitcase. "What are you looking for, Mr. Benjamin?" Benjamin felt a plastic bottle at the bottom and pulled it out for a look… Sam exclaimed, "Smoked paprika? Oh, so we're not out of seasoning. Ms. Louise kept it in her suitcase. " She reached out to take the bottle. Benjamin shied away. "This is the real Worryfree drug. Emma took the smoked paprika. " Dumbstruck at first, Sam sprung up. "So Ms. Louise is okay!" "She's playing Abel, making him eat his words," Benjamin said. Sam was in stitches. "Hahaha! I got to give it to you, Ms. Louise. You had Mr. Abel fooled. To think he became your personal chauffeur and bag carrier!"