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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 591

Emmeline tugged at her little hand, but Abel had a death grip on it and wouldn't let go. It was starting to hurt, and she winced, "Abel, ease up! You're going to bruise me!" Abel finally loosened his grip a bit, but Emmeline still couldn't free her hand. She huffed in frustration and gave up, resigning herself to being held captive. Without missing a beat, Abel wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close, enclosing her in a tight embrace. "It's so good to have Emma back," Ethan chimed in, trying to diffuse the tension. "Let's celebrate with lunch today. My treat, everyone's invited. " "I'm in," Abel spoke up first. "Ethan's right, it makes sense. Count me in. " Benjamin and Janie exchanged a glance, thinking to themselves, What's Ethan meddling in now? Everything was going fine. But could they really argue with his proposal now? "Mr. Benjamin, Janie," Ethan turned to them. "Do you think it's a bad idea?" Benjamin reluctantly nodded, "It's fine, I agree. " Janie raised her hand, "I'm in too. " "I knew it," Ethan grinned. "Emma's back and it's definitely worth celebrating!" The question remained, could this show go on smoothly? "Which hotel should we choose?" Abel eagerly offered, "I'll take care of booking the private room. " "I'll cover all the expenses," Benjamin chimed in. "Let's go with the Struyria Banquet, after all, it's Adelmar's place. " "That settles it then, Struyria Banquet it is," Ethan agreed

What was Benjamin trying to achieve by meddling in this situation? "Emma," Ethan tested Emmeline, "where did Mr. Benjamin take you last time? I've been wondering. " "I was injured," Emmeline explained, "so Ben took me to get treatment

. " "Why didn't Abel go with you?" Ethan asked, intentionally provoking. Emmeline glanced at Abel when Ethan mentioned his name. "Him?" she said, "He doesn't know the place. " "Oh," Ethan felt uncertain and probed further, "I remember you and Abel picked a wedding date, so when is the big day? I need to prepare myself. " "Don't bother about that," Emmeline replied, "I suddenly don't want to get married anymore. " This statement left Ethan completely dumbfounded, and he looked towards Abel for some answers. "Emma," Abel spoke urgently, "marriage is not a game, you can't just decide not to get married. " "But that's what you said," Emmeline retorted, "you said you didn't want to get married. " "Emma," Abel said in a low voice, "that was all in the past, it's all over now, don't hold onto it. " "I'm not holding onto anything," Emmeline said. "It's just that I've come to this point again. How can I marry you when I'm like this?" Ethan widened his eyes, looking left and right. What's wrong with his sister? Was she falling for Benjamin and breaking up with Abel? "Mr. Benjamin," Ethan said coldly, tugging at Benjamin's sleeve. "Can I have a word with you?" Benjamin, confused, followed him out of the private room. "What's going on, Ethan?"