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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 594

Abel didn't react at all. Emmeline knew that he had really fallen asleep this time. His embrace was warm and safe, and she was addicted to it. She didn't want to get up, just curled up in his arms and let him hold her while she slept. They slept for almost two hours, and Abel woke up. Emmeline was no longer by his side, and the bedding beside him was cold. Abel thought that Emmeline must have gone downstairs. After all, it was still early evening and the cafe downstairs should have customers. With a strong smell of alcohol all over him, Abel wanted to take a shower. He took off all his clothes and walked naked toward the bathroom. As he reached out to open the bathroom door, what he saw in front of him immediately froze him in his tracks. The bathroom was filled with steam, and Emmeline was in the shower. In the midst of the steam, her smooth body was luscious and sensuous, her skin as white as snow, and her curves shrouded in the mist. Abel was suddenly transported back to a scene from five years ago. That day, under the influence of drugs, he had pushed open the bathroom door and found himself faced with this alluring scene. He had pressed her down like that

" ". You're so daring! How could you lie to me!" "You forced me to do it," the little woman pouted beneath him. "Damn it! I'm going to make you taste the flavor of lying to me right now!" After what seemed like a long time, the night had fallen

. Abel held her contentedly, his handsome face buried in the warmth of her shoulder. "Have you changed now? Will you dare to deceive me again in the future?" he asked. "I can't change, I like this kind of punishment," Emmeline replied lazily, her voice husky. "Then let's do it again!" Abel exclaimed, rolling over. "No, please," Emmeline protested, "Don't you remember that tomorrow is Lizbeth and Adrien's engagement party? Do you want me to go out like this?" Abel suddenly remembered the party and reluctantly gave up the idea. "Let's spare you for now," he pinched Emmeline's rosy cheeks with desire in his eyes. "But when we get back to the Precipice tomorrow, you won't be able to leave the house for three days! This is the price you pay for deceiving me!" It was already eight o'clock at night, and they had unknowingly spent nearly three hours in bed, missing dinner time. Emmeline's stomach growled. "I'll go tell Sam to cook you some nourishing soup," Abel said, kissing her little face. "I'll just do it myself," Emmeline yawned and got up. "Sam is still downstairs in the kitchen. " "I can make soup too, you know," Abel offered. "Are you not tired?" Emmeline was curious about this man's stamina