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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 595

Even after being at it for so long, the man was still brimming with vigor. "I can go for another round," Abel said as he gently nipped her ear. The young lady was too embarrassed to speak. "Just lie in bed. I'll make you a bowl of soup," Abel said as he placed Emmeline softly on the mattress and tucked her under the blanket. After which, he got up and got dressed. Feeling restless on the bed, Emmeline wanted to go help him in the kitchen. However, just as she put on some clothes and got down from the bed, her legs went limp and she could feel a searing pain. With a loud shriek, she fell back down onto the bed. Abel had just entered the kitchen when he heard the commotion, so he immediately rushed back. "Are you okay, Emma?" He asked nervously. Emmeline grimaced, "You went too hard. Now I really can't get out of bed. " ". Are you in pain?" Abel crouched down and asked in a gentle tone. "What do you think?" Emmeline pouted as she continued, "Don't you have an idea of your own stamina?" ". " Abel pondered silently for a moment. He had gone through special forces training, so naturally he had more stamina than most people. Realizing he may have overdone it a little, he quickly took out his phone. "Who are you calling?" Emmeline asked. Abel replied, "The Ryker Hospital gynecology department. I'll have a nurse come here and give you some medicine. " Emmeline shrieked, "Ah! No way! That's too embarrassing!" Abel said, "This is not up for discussion. How else are you going to attend tomorrow's banquet? You can't expect me to carry you the entire time. " Emmeline continued to shake her head in refusal, "Why would you do that? That's even more embarrassing!" "Also, tomorrow night…" Abel got down to her ear and whispered, "Once the nurse gives you your medicine, you'll recover quickly. That way, it won't get in the way of us tomorrow night…" "Ah!" Emmeline screamed as she covered herself under the blanket and curled up inside. "Abel, you're such a meanie!" she said. Abel then called the gynecology department

Abel sent for me, saying that Ms. Louise is in need of medicine…" Sam was shocked, "Medicine? Is Ms. Louise in pain?" The nurse tried to explain, "It's not that type of pain

. It's… THAT type of pain. " Sam grew anxious as she asked, "What pain are you talking about? Anyway, the point is Ms. Louise is hurt!" Just as she was about to rush upstairs, Luca stopped her. "Sam, don't go," he said. "Ms. Louise is hurt. Why are you stopping me?!" She argued. The nurse was just as anxious as she said, "Miss, it's not what you're thinking. It's because Mr. Abel… Can you just tell me which floor Ms. Louise is on? I need to give her the medicine as soon as possible. " Sam answered, "Ms. Louise is on the second floor. I'll go with you. " Luca pulled her back again and said, "Sam, you shouldn't go. You'll just make Ms. Louise even more embarrassed!" Sam was furious as she said, "Why are you still stopping me? Your Mr. Abel hurt my Ms. Louise. I'm going to give him a piece of my mind!" Meanwhile, the nurse had rushed upstairs with the medicine. Luca continued to hold Sam back and prevent her from going upstairs. "How should I explain this to you?" he remarked. Sam brushed his hand off and said, "There's no point explaining. Let me go. I'm going upstairs!"