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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 596

Luca couldn't take it any more and mumbled something beside Sam's ear. When she heard it, Sam instantly froze. Her face was flushed all the way to her ears as she hastily hid herself behind the counter. As soon as the nurse stepped into the bedroom, Emmeline pulled the blanket over her head again. This is too embarrassing! I can't see anyone like this! Abel came out wearing an apron. With a gentle tone, he instructed, "Make sure you don't go too hard on the medicine. I don't want my wife to be in pain. " With flushed cheeks, the nurse nodded and replied softly, "Absolutely, Mr. Abel. Rest assured that I will be very careful. " "I'll leave you to it then," Abel said as he closed the door, making his way back to the kitchen and his soup. Seeing how nervous Emmeline was, the nurse reassured her, "Mr. Abel is very kind. You're a lucky woman, Ms. Louise. " "Yeah," Emmeline mumbled from under the blanket. "Where do you even find a man like that? He's even being so meticulous with your aftercare. " "Yeah," Emmeline made another short response. She was blushing even harder under the blanket. "I'll apply the medicine for you now, Ms. Louise. Don't worry and just try to relax. " "Yeah," It seemed like this was the only word left in Emmeline's vocabulary. The nurse gently lifted the blanket up and applied the medicine on Emmeline. The cold sensation was very soothing and reduced a lot of the pain. Pulling the blanket back onto Emmeline, the nurse left some extra medicine to the side and went to the kitchen to report to Abel. "Mr. Abel, sir, I've helped apply the medicine on Ms

Once Abel was out, Sam picked up the spoon and started feeding Emmeline the soup. "I was so scared when I saw the Ryker Hospital nurse come in!" Emmeline was a little embarrassed and didn't know how to respond. She simply opened her mouth and gulped up the soup

. Sam continued cheerfully, "Mr. Abel called himself your husband. Ms. Louise, does that mean you're both okay now?" Emmeline nodded as a sense of bliss covered her reddened face. "Oh, but didn't you take the Worryfree, Ms. Louise?" Sam feigned ignorance as she said, "That means that Mr. Adelmar's medicine wasn't as effective as it was supposed to be. " Emmeline almost choked on her soup. She hadn't told Sam that what she had taken was the cafe's smoked paprika. That stuff tastes horrible! However, they still needed to buy a new bottle now that they were out. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to make delicious ravioli anymore. The next day at Cloud Hotel. A striking red banner was written with the equally eye-catching message: Congratulations to Mr. Adrien Ryker and Ms. Lizbeth Murphy on their wedding engagement! Thousands of roses decorated the mini plaza in front of the hotel's entrance, filling the air with a powerful fragrance. It was obvious from a single glance that this was all Abel's doing. The mood was festive, with its bright colors and a rowdy atmosphere. The guests drove their cars to the underground parking lot. Abel also pulled up in his Rolls-Royce, along with Emmeline. Emmeline was feeling a lot better after taking the medicine yesterday. However, she was still walking a little awkwardly. The love bites on her neck, ears and collarbone were also still vivid. As though they were Abel's way of laying claim to her. Fortunately, Emmeline had donned a Chanel-style shawl which just barely covered these bold declarations of love. They both got down from the Rolls-Royce, with Abel half-supporting Emmeline as she exited the vehicle…