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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 597

Emmeline frowned as she tried her best to move as naturally as she could. However, it was evident that every step was uncomfortable for her. "This is all your fault. I can't even walk properly now!" Revealing a playful smile, Abel leaned next to her ear and said, "This is punishment for trying to trick me. If you do it again, I'll make it even worse next time!" ". " Emmeline pouted as she glared back at him, rebuking, "How can you be this happy about my misery when you're the reason behind it?!" "Oh, but…" Abel continued to whisper soft nothings by her ear, "I still want to go on. " Emmeline's cheeks reddened instantly and she gave Abel a hard pinch. "Ouch!" Abel yelled. His voice attracted the attention of the two guests in front. It was the Murphy siblings from Altney, Flynn and Evelyn. Realizing it was Abel and Emmeline, the two of them came to a halt. "Mr. Abel, it's been a while," Flynn said as he reached for a handshake. Abel let go of Emmeline's hand and reciprocated the gesture out of courtesy. "Mr. Flynn, long time no see. " Without Abel's support, Emmeline found it difficult to keep her balance. Evelyn quickly went over and helped her up. "I was wondering why Mr. Abel was supporting you the whole time. It seems like you're hurt?" "Yeah," Emmeline awkwardly nodded her head before she corrected herself, "No, that's not exactly it. " "If that's not the case, then I can't imagine Mr. Abel wanting to help you. " Evelyn lowered her voice and said, "He told me that he doesn't love you anymore

Lizbeth and Adrien noticed they were here and quickly ran up to greet them. "Emmeline, you're here!" "Emma, Abel, welcome!" Emmeline smiled at Lizbeth, "You look so beautiful today. Absolutely dazzling

. I can barely keep my eyes open. " Abel was also speaking to Adrien, "Congratulations Adrien. You've finally found your missing piece. " Adrien pulled Abel in and turned him around as he whispered, "Abel, you and Emma are both okay now?" Abel gestured with his eyes and smiled, "What do you think?" Adrien replied, "You two look close. I just hope you're not putting up appearances. " Abel sighed, "I don't have the energy for that sort of thing. " Adrien was ecstatic, "That means you two have gotten back together? I'm happy for you. " Just as they were speaking, another guest came in, so Adrien and Lizbeth had to leave to greet them. Abel brought Emmeline over to a sofa and sat down. "Rest here for the time being. I'll go say hi to Mom and Dad. " Emmeline noticed Rosaline and Lewis were busy speaking to some of the guests. She smiled, "Yeah, sure. Don't mind me. Go ahead. Give Lewis and Rosaline my regards. " "Okay, be a good girl," Abel said before finally leaving. Just as he left, Evelyn came over. She asked, "Are you feeling alright, Emmeline? It looks like you're having trouble walking. "