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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 598

Emmeline smiled and nodded, "Yes, it's a little uncomfortable. " Evelyn said, "I knew it. Mr. Abel is just taking care of you because he has no choice. " Emmeline chuckled, "Hehe. You're right that he has no choice. After all, if he doesn't take care of me, who else could?" The reason she was in pain was because he had gone too hard in bed. Naturally, he had to bear the responsibility. Evelyn reassured herself, "Mr. Abel is a sentimental man. Even though he doesn't love you anymore, he still takes care of you. That's the kind of man I like. " Emmeline narrowed her eyes and asked, "Then what of you and Abel? Have you two finally developed feelings after so long?" ". " Evelyn's expression turned gloomy for a moment before replying, "I like our relationship now. There's plenty of time for feelings later on. " "Is that so?" Evelyn had a haughty expression as she said, "Yes, it is. At least he's not just being nice to me out of obligation like he does you. Since he doesn't love you anymore, why shouldn't he be able to love me? Not to mention, we have an arranged marriage, so our relationship will only get better with time

" Evelyn's face paled completely, "That means… You and Abel… were alright to begin with?" Emmeline lowered her voice and said, "Well, I wouldn't say that. He told me that starting tonight, he's going to make it so that… I won't be able to get out of bed for three days. Can you believe that man? How can he be so rough on me?" Evelyn's expression darkened as her vision became blurry

. She supported herself on the chair and took a deep breath before hastily departing. "Pfft. Try and mess with me, will you?" Emmeline sneered and took a cherry from the fruit platter in front of her, then tossed it into her mouth. Evelyn quickly moved across the hall and sat down in a chair in the corner. She realized that she must have seemed like such a fool to Emmeline with all her bold accusations and wishful thinking. Unable to stop herself from crying, Evelyn covered her mouth to stifle herself. On the other side, Julianna was speaking with Adam. Noticing the distressed Evelyn, she said to Adam, "Adam, did you see what happened with Ms. Evelyn Murphy?" Adam hadn't noticed the person in question at all. He looked around his surroundings, then asked, "Why? What's wrong with her?" "It looks like she started crying after speaking to Emmeline," Julianna said as she gestured to the corner with her lips. Adam finally noticed Evelyn huddled up in the corner. He asked, "What's that got to do with us? Lizbeth is the one who's engaged to Adrien, not her. " Julianna rebuked, "Are you stupid? She's the cherished daughter of the Murphy family. Lizbeth had only just entered the picture and doesn't have a lot of support. " "I still don't see how that concerns us?"