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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 600

After the song was over, Adrien thanked the guests then started reciting his very lengthy marriage vows. "I, Adrien Ryker, will only love Lizbeth Murphy for as long as I die. No matter what happens, I will never leave her side. " Lizbeth sheepishly lowered her head, but her expression was full of bliss. The guests gave a sounding applause as they congratulated the lucky couple. They were all happy that the once promiscuous playboy had now found his soulmate. Adrien held onto Lizbeth's hand and said, "To ensure this happiness lives on, Liz will toss the bouquet of flowers in her hand to the crowd. We hope that the person who catches it will be able to find happiness the way we have!" "Wow!" The crowd clapped excitedly. "Throw it here. I'm ready!" "I'll be the one to catch it!" Even Evelyn and Adam were restlessly waiting, eager to catch Lizbeth's bouquet. As the music reached a crescendo, Lizbeth turned around and tossed her bouquet backwards. The hall was in an uproar as all the guests watched with widened eyes and reached out their arms in hopes of catching the bouquet. The flowers spun several times in the air, before ultimately landing with a soft poof. The bouquet had dropped right on Abel's lap. Adrien was the first to start clapping. He exclaimed, "Wow! Abel got the bouquet!" "That's wonderful! Congratulations, Mr

Lizbeth was also joyously celebrating, "Congratulations Mr. Abel! Congratulations Emmeline! Don't forget to invite us for the reception!" "Of course we will!" Emmeline replied as she waved her bouquet at Lizbeth. The crowd was also cheering

. "Mr. Abel is getting married next month. Isn't that just around the corner?" "Oh I'll have to think really hard on what gift to prepare for Mr. Abel. " "Mr. Abel is the head of the Ryker family. We have to make sure our gifts are fitting!" ". " The reporters who were invited to the party all turned their cameras from Adrien and Lizbeth over to Abel and Emmeline. With the incessant clicking of the shutter, the picture of the two lovebirds would be captured on film and spread across all major media channels. Evelyn was full of despair as she fell lifelessly onto her seat, realizing in the end, that her love had always been one-sided. Abel was now soon to be married, but not once did he even look at her! Adam took advantage of this situation and asked, "Ms. Evelyn, do you now have an answer for my question?"