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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 601

"I…" Evelyn paused slightly before nodding, "I suddenly feel that Struyria isn't half-bad. For the time being, I don't wish to return. " Adam knew that she was frustrated, but he wasn't concerned about that. He simply needed to know he could use her and the Murphy family behind her. Adam smiled, "Then you should stay. I'll take you around. " Evelyn put on a fake smile, "Very well. Thank you, Mr. Adam. " Adam said, "If you're keen, you can stay at my villa. Avalan Mansion is located in the suburbs, so it's not too rowdy and has a great view. " Evelyn replied, "I'll think about it. I will let you know once I've made up my mind. " Adam nodded, "Alright, I will honor your decision. " After the engagement party was over, Abel brought Emmeline back to The Precipice. The Rolls-Royce stopped in the parking lot. As usual, Kendra waited by the corridor with Quincy in her arms. Abel got down from the car then turned to the other side and lifted Emmeline out from the vehicle. Kendra watched on with a bright smile on her face. This was how it should be. Kendra walked over and asked, "Welcome home. Do you need any help?" Abel answered, "Go and make some herbal tonic soup for Ms. Louise. She needs comfort food

Kendra remarked happily, "I'm really glad to see that you and Mr. Abel are on good terms again. " Emmeline's cheeks still carried a slightly pink tint as she said, "I wasn't counting on it initially, but somehow things just got better all of a sudden

. " Kendra said, "We surely have to thank God for that. I was really worried the last few times Evelyn came over to rub it in. I was afraid that Mr. Abel had lost his wits and actually fallen in love with her. What would happen to you then?" Emmeline couldn't help but worry as she said, "But I saw Evelyn together with Adam today. She's completely out of her depth. Adam is no simple man. " Kendra clearly didn't have a good impression of Evelyn. She remarked, "That woman's heart is as black as night. She'll get her just desserts. We shouldn't be bothered with her!" Emmeline said, "I feel the same way. However, I still hope that Adam wouldn't do anything too harsh to her. " Kendra suddenly whispered, "Anyway Ms. Emmeline, did Mr. Abel take some kind of antidote? How did he regain his feelings for you?" Emmeline chuckled, "What sort of antidote could possibly counteract Worryfree? Even I can't figure it out. " "Then how did Mr. Abel recover? I'm really curious!" Emmeline pondered a while before answering, "He told me that on the night he chased after me, he got struck by lightning. " "Ah?! He got…" Kendra covered her mouth and said softly, "He got struck by lightning?" Emmeline smiled, "Yeah, that's what he told me, and there was indeed a thunderstorm that night. " Kendra was in disbelief, "Oh my god! This is so mysterious. "