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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 603

Abel held up the bowl of soup and stirred it about with the spoon. Emmeline said, "I can feed myself. You don't have to do it for me all the time. " Abel denied, "You're my wife. Of course I need to take care of you. Just sit back and let your dear husband pamper you. " "You'll spoil me rotten," Emmeline said playfully. Abel said, "So what if I do? My wife deserves to be spoiled. " Emmeline teased, "Since when did you get so glib? What happened to the stone-faced devil Abel Ryker?" "I'm still a stone-faced devil when it comes to other people. But in front of you, I'm nothing more than a lovestruck man. " Emmeline couldn't help breaking into laughter. Abel was happy to see that she was laughing heartily as well. He leaned in and gave her cheek a peck. "Be a good girl and get better soon. I'm constantly feeling the urge to do it. It's unbearableā€¦" Emmeline's face was instantly flushed red. However, Abel was quite the obedient man that night. After dinner, he held Emmeline's hand as they took a small walk around the garden. Once they returned to the bedroom, he also helped her shower. The two of them then sat on the living room couch, leaning against one another as they watched television. They also played with Quincy from time to time before retreating back to the bedroom. Abel held onto Emmeline that whole night, trying hard to control his baser instincts as the two of them simply slept. When Emmeline woke up the next day, she felt like her body had fully recovered

"Go to Nightfall Cafe and buy two cups of coffee for me and Mr. Abel. " Luca hastily acknowledged, "Yes, Ms

. Louise. " Emmeline added, "Oh, but no need to rush. You can help Sam out around the cafe for a bit. I haven't been helping out for a long time now. " ". " Luca seemed to have put two and two together. His expression was a little awkward, but also a little expectant. "Very well, Ms. Louise. Rest assured. " Emmeline nodded, "Okay, now go quickly. " "Yes, Ms. Louise. " Luca quickly ran back to the assistant's office, fixed his hair with some gel and dusted his black suit and leather shoes. After checking himself in the mirror a dozen times, he finally walked out with a pep in his step and entered the elevator. Not long after, Abel finished his meeting and came out. He also wanted Luca to go buy two cups of coffee from Nightfall Cafe. However, Luca was nowhere to be found in the assistant's office. Abel took out his phone as he walked back to the CEO's office, intending to give Luca a call. He mumbled to himself, "Where the heck did he go without telling me? I swear!"