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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 604

Emmeline asked, "Who are you talking about?" "Luca," Abel had just scrolled to Luca's contact and was about to call him. "Stop!" Emmeline quickly grabbed his phone and said, "You can't call Luca right now. " Abel was shocked, "What's wrong, Emma? Why are you so jumpy?" Emmeline explained, "I sent Luca out on an errand, so you can't call him right now. " Abel was confused, "You sent him out? For what?" Emmeline winked, "I sent him out on a date. Do you think you're the only one who deserves to find love while your trusted subordinate suffers in solitude?" Abel was taken aback for a bit, then smiled, "So you sent him over to Nightfall Cafe?" Emmeline was a little happy with herself, "Of course! Where else would he go?" Abel laughed, "I was just about to send him there as well, but I only wanted him to get coffee. I didn't plan on sending him on a date. " Emmeline chuckled, "You're just blissfully unaware of a man's thirst!" After a pause, Abel suddenly narrowed his eyes mischievously and pulled Emmeline into his embrace, then said with a hoarse voice, "But now your dear husband is feeling a bit thirsty too. " "Ah!" Emmeline screamed, finally realizing that she had fallen into the clutches of a scoundrel. However, it was too late to struggle. Abel lifted her up to his hip and sealed her lips with a kiss. "Mmf, mmf," Emmeline tried very hard to speak, "We shouldn't. This is your workplace. " Abel said, "This is my private space. No one would dare to come in. " Emmeline argued, "Still, we shouldn't. My lipstick is going to be ruined. How will I be able to walk out later?" "I can't take it anymore. I've been holding it in since last night. Do you know how hard that is, babe?" Emmeline trembled at his words and said nervously, "Abel, don't tell me you want to do it here…" Abel said confidently, "Yes, I want to do it here

Ryker is a little occupied right now. Just do as I say. " The secretary asked again, "You said for two hours? Does he need that much time?" The department head replied, "Mr

. Ryker has received special forces training before. By my estimate, he needs two hours maybe. " "Very well then. " The secretary mused, "I wonder what Mr. Ryker is so occupied with that no one is allowed to enter for two whole hours. " After about ten minutes, another department head came over. This time, it's from the overseas department. The secretary stopped him and said, "Mr. Ryker is currently occupied. No one is allowed to enter for the next two hours. " The overseas department head frowned, "Two hours? I have people waiting on the other side. I don't have two hours to waste. " The secretary said, "Regardless, you are not allowed to enter!" The overseas department head said, "Then what about these documents? Can you look at them for me?" The secretary replied, "What use will that be? I'm not the one who can approve them. " The overseas department head said, "Then why are you still stopping me? Are you going to take responsibility if we lose a huge overseas order?"