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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 605

"That's…" The secretary continued, "Please wait a moment then. I'll call Mr. Ryker's hotline to confirm. " "That's a good idea," the overseas department head nodded. The secretary started calling the hotline. Abel was holding onto Emmeline as the office chair bobbed violently. Suddenly, the phone on his desk started ringing. Abel frowned and pushed the chair back towards the front with a stomp. He then reached out and picked up the handset. Emmeline whispered, "Abel, don't move… They'll be able to hear it. " Abel ignored her words completely, picking up the phone without breaking momentum. The secretary briefly explained the situation with the overseas department head. Abel instructed, "Alright, have him send over a digital copy. I'll approve it online. " His voice was as cold and deadpan as always. "Yes, Mr. Ryker. " The secretary answered, then as she put down the phone, she heard the sound of someone moaning on the other end. Her face reddened instantly as she finally recalled that Emmeline was also inside. "M-Mr. Ryker said you can email it to him and he'll give the approval online. " "Sure thing," the overseas department head said. Puzzled, he added, "How did your face get so red after one phone call?" The secretary hastily deflected, "Why don't you go send that email of yours? Mr. Ryker will be busy for the next two hours!" "Oh, right," the overseas department head said as he quickly went on his way

Abel are back at the office. I'm here to buy them some coffee. " Sam said, "Oh, is that so? Alright then, sit tight

. I'll go make some coffee. " Luca quickly stopped her, "No need to rush. Ms. Louise told me to help you out a little. " "Help me out?" Sam blinked her eyes in confusion and was just about to tell him that they weren't busy at all, but soon realized Emmeline's intentions. Ms. Louise is trying to create an opportunity for Luca and I to get closer. Her face started blushing a little. Luca asked, "What do you need me to do?" "Uhh," Sam pointed at the tables and continued, "You can help me wipe the tables. " "Sure thing," Luca responded with enthusiasm, then took a tablecloth and went into the washroom. After cleaning the tablecloth, he started wiping down the tables. He was doing it very meticulously and didn't leave a single inch untouched. Even though Sam had already wiped the tables beforehand, Luca still made sure that they were spotless. Not long after, the two customers left the cafe. Luca had also finished wiping the tables. Leaving the tablecloth to dry, Luca felt a little restless now, so he picked up the mop and was about to start mopping the floor. Sam said, "I've already mopped the floor. You can leave it. " Luca placed the mop aside and asked, "Then, should I just go out and have a smoke?"