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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 606

Sam said, "Well, you don't have to smoke. I'll make you a cup of coffee. Afterwards, Ms. Emmeline and Mr. Abel's coffee will be done as well. " "Alright, then I won't smoke," Luca said and obediently sat down on a chair. Sam went back behind the counter and started making coffee for Luca. From time to time, her beautiful eyes would sneak a peek at Luca. "Ouch!" Sam exclaimed as she knocked over a glass of water while she was distracted. The water spilled on top of her hand. The water's temperature was around seventy to eighty degrees, causing Sam's hand to turn red almost immediately. Luca shot up from his seat and asked, "What's wrong, Sam?" Sam grabbed onto her hand, tears welling in her eyes as she said, "I burned my hand accidentally. It hurts. " "Let me see!" Luca placed his hand on the countertop and leapt over it. He held Sam's hand up. The back of her hand was completely red. Luca frowned, "How could you be so careless? Go to the washroom and rinse it under cold water. " He took Sam over to the washroom and turned the faucet on, then ran her scalded hand under cold water. As Sam felt the cold running water on her injured hand, her pain was immediately relieved. She softly sighed. After rinsing it in cold water for a few minutes, a lot of the redness receded and it was also not as painful anymore

" The salesperson said, "Well you'll get one after you buy her flowers. When you saw the flowers, you already know deep down who you would be buying them for. That first person that came to your mind will be your girlfriend

. " Luca was easily convinced, "You're right. Once I buy her a bouquet of roses, if she accepts them, she'll be my girlfriend. " "Exactly! That's the spirit! You've got to be bold to be in love!" The salesperson pulled Luca into the store, and after a short while, Luca was made a giant bouquet of red roses. A few baby's breath and a couple lilies were added to that, making the bouquet look vibrant and beautiful. The salesperson happily explained, "So the original price is 260 dollars, and with a 30% discount, that brings us to a total of 182 dollars. " "Perfect. I'll scan and pay. " "Would you like a membership? You'll get exclusive discounts whenever you buy flowers in the future. " Luca gave it some thought and agreed. After signing up to be a member with the florist and paying for his bouquet, Luca got back to his car and drove off. When he returned to Nightfall Cafe, Luca opened the padlock and pushed open the glass door. Sam was sitting behind the counter blowing at her scalded hand. Hearing Luca open the door, she lifted her head up. She quickly noticed the giant bouquet of roses and the fragrant smell of lilies. Sam was a little taken aback. "Luca, didn't you go out to buy burn ointment? Why did you come back holding a bouquet of roses?"