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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 607

"That's…" Feeling a little awkward, Luca covered his face with the bouquet and said, "The florist next to the pharmacy just opened, and they're having a 30% discount. There was a whole crowd buying from them, and I felt a little left out if I didn't. I mean, they're so cheap…" "Is that so…" "Look…" Luca handed the bouquet over and said, "Even if I bring it back with me, I have nowhere to put it. So, would you mind if I just leave it here?" ". " Sam quickly realized Luca's intentions and started blushing. Her cheeks were redder than the roses. Luca also felt a burning sensation on his face when he said the words. Fortunately, Sam lowered her head and awkwardly accepted the bouquet. "Thanks, Luca. " Luca scratched his head in relief, feeling as though a giant burden had been lifted off his chest. He was sure he had a girlfriend now. He wouldn't have to worry about getting shown up by Abel any longer! Luca took out the burn ointment from his suit pocket and said softly, "Oh, here's the burn ointment. Let me help you apply it. " "Sure," Sam sheepishly nodded and agreed. After receiving Luca's flowers, she instantly felt as though their dynamic had just undergone a mysterious change. It was as though… there was a sense of belonging. It was a comforting and happy sensation. Luca felt the same way. He held up Sam's hand, opened the cap on the ointment, and started carefully applying the medicine using a cotton swab. As he applied the ointment, he gently blew on her hand. Sam used this opportunity to take a closer look at Luca. He had sharp facial features and was considerably handsome. He also gave off a reliable and energetic vibe. She snagged herself a lucky find! Sam couldn't help smiling with delight. Luca asked, "Are you no longer in pain? I see that you're smiling

Oh my God! I didn't know a kiss could feel so good! It's no wonder Mr. Abel is always trying to kiss Ms. Louise

. Sam was hidden under the counter, so Luca couldn't see her face. He said softly, "Sam, I'm going now. " "Okay," Sam replied sheepishly with her head tucked under her arms. Luca merrily opened the glass door and went on his way with the coffee he had packed. As he crossed the street, he started whistling. He mused, The salesperson at the florist was right. I did get a girlfriend after buying her roses. He wasn't wrong at all. And my girlfriend even kissed me just now! This is total bliss! Over at the CEO's office. Two hours had passed. Abel sat contentedly on the chair while holding onto Emmeline. Emmeline's dress was completely drenched in sweat. Her complexion was also pink like a peach, giving off a sensual radiance. She was holding onto Abel by the neck and was still trying to catch her breath. Abel kissed her on the cheek, touching her forehead as he said, "I'll get Kendra to put some more medicine on you once we get back. Otherwise, you'll start hurting again. " Emmeline paused for a moment before burying her face into his shoulder and said softly, "You really are the devil. You're so rough. " Abel stroked her back and said, "I'm not being rough. You're just not used to me yet. After a few more times, you'll adapt and won't think of me as being rough. On the contrary…"