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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 609

"What?! The Adelmar Group just terminated their contract with us?" "How can this be?! The Adelmar Group is our biggest supplier!" "They're willing to pay the rescission fee?!" "How did we get on the Adelmar Group's bad books?!" "Investigate it immediately!" After ending the call, Flynn's expression had completely darkened, with sweat beading on his forehead. Abel smiled. He didn't have to guess to know this was the work of a single phone call from the little lady in the break room. "What's wrong? Did something happen?" Abel asked, feigning ignorance. Flynn wiped off the sweat on his forehead, "It's the Adelmar Group. They're suddenly terminating their contract with us. They're even willing to pay the high rescission fee. " Abel continued the act, "How can this be?" Evelyn was also shocked, "That's right, Flynn. How did this happen? Won't we have to pause the production of all our pharmaceuticals then?" Flynn said, "We still have some of the raw materials in the warehouse, but we need to convince the Adelmar Group to work with us again. They're the only supplier that can satisfy the Murphy Group's needs. We're not able to partner with other suppliers for this. " "So what should we do now?" Evelyn was also feeling anxious. She had just taken over the business here in Struyria, and now they were having trouble with their biggest partner. Was someone just intentionally sabotaging her? As the two siblings tried to figure out how to handle the situation, Abel's phone started ringing. The number belonged to a landline that he wasn't familiar with. However, he still picked up immediately. There was a magnetism in his deep voice as he asked, "This is the Ryker Group. Who am I speaking to?" The person on the other line was loud. He said, "Mr. Ryker. I am the business manager for the Adelmar Group

Flynn was pale-faced. He slowly stood up and asked, "M-Mr. Ryker, what did you just say?" Abel replied calmly, "Here's what happened

. The Adelmar Group suddenly proposed that they would supply the Ryker Group with biopharmaceuticals. Moreover, their asking price is three percentage points lower than what Ms. Evelyn is offering. As a businessman, I have no reason to refuse such a good deal. " Flynn hastily contended, "But then you would be violating the agreement with us! The rescission fee is no small sum!" Abel shrugged and said, "There's no helping that. The Adelmar Group promised me that they would shoulder the cost of the rescission fee. " Flynn was anxious, "What exactly is the Adelmar Group planning? Why is this suddenly happening?" Abel shrugged again, "How would I know? Maybe the Murphy Group offended the Adelmar Group somehow?" Evelyn also stood up and said, "How can this be? The Adelmar Group has always had a stable working relationship with us. " Abel gave a lighthearted smile, "Then I can only say it is a very unfortunate incident. " Evelyn was nerve-racked, "Flynn, what should we do now? I promised that I would take good care of the business in Struyria. " Flynn frowned and said, "I'm not sure what we can do now either. Maybe we should go to the Adelmar Group and ask them. " Evelyn was distraught and said, "I'll go with you. " Flynn told Abel, "I'm sorry. We'll have to excuse ourselves. " "Goodbye," Abel gestured to the door from behind the desk. The two Murphy siblings hurriedly went on their way. Once the CEO's office door was closed, Abel went inside the break room