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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 610

Emmeline was lying on her bed, scrolling through her phone. "That was awesome. " Abel leaned down and pinched her nose. "You knocked her out in one fell swoop. She just took over her company's Struyria market and was raring to go. " "Hey, she asked for this. " Emmeline put her phone down and wrapped her arm around Abel. "She tried to steal you and slandered me. This is what she gets. " "Feisty. " Abel kissed her cheek and smiled. "But I like it. " "Say, you wanna guess what happens to her next?" Emmeline winked cheekily. "Not a clue. " Abel smiled. "What happens to her depends on what you want to do. " "She thinks I'm easy prey. Let's see how she likes this. " Emmeline kissed Abel's chin. "Well, I'll let her off the hook if she bows her head. " "Let's not talk about them. " Abel pinned her down and hoarsely said, "I need more. And it hasn't been minutes since then. " "Oh, no. " Emmeline pushed his chest away. "You gotta stop, or I don't think I can walk. " "It's alright. " Abel kissed her. "You still can hang on to me if you need to go around

" Evelyn looked at the logbook angrily. She had a feeling this secretary was just being rude to them. Flynn had the same feeling as well, but he wasn't as rash as his sister

. He took the pen and wrote down the details of his reservation in the book. Joey took it and repeated what he had written. Once she was sure it was all right, she called Benjamin. "Mr. York. We have two guests from Murphy Group here. They'd like to see you. It's about business, yes. Will you be seeing them?" Flynn said, "Miss, can you tell him that it's urgent? We'd like to see him now. " Joey rolled her eyes. "Sir, they say it's urgent. They'd like to see you now. Oh, you're at the golf court? You'll meet them there? Of course, sir. " And she hung up. Evelyn and Flynn felt a little more at ease after hearing that Benjamin wanted to see them. "He's behind the building. There's a golf court somewhere up the hill," said Joey. "If you want to see him, that's where he is. " "Thank you, miss," said Flynn. Evelyn shot Joey an angry look and stormed off. They came to the golf court, and the guard opened the door. Flynn parked his car and went inside with his sister. The gold court was about the size of the whole hill, and the plains were vast and wide. It was a good golf court. There was a big parasol nearby, and underneath it were a table and chair. There were juices on the table, but Benjamin was nowhere to be found