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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 611

The siblings looked around and saw a handsome man in white clothes and a hat. He was holding a gold club, and then he bent over a little and swung it. He swayed as the club swung ahead. "Good swing, Mr. York!" said Flynn. It was a genuine praise, however. Benjamin turned back and told Janie, "They're here. " Janie was wearing a blue short skirt, and she smiled. "Good. They're getting it for what they did to Emma. "Let's go. " Benjamin handed the golf club to his assistant and turned around, and Janie followed him quickly. They came to the parasol, and Flynn quickly shook hands with Benjamin. "Sit. " Benjamin took a seat. Janie was standing right behind him. Evelyn smiled at her sheepishly. "It's been a while, Janie. " "We're not friends, really. " Janie smiled. Evelyn felt a little embarrassed, but she couldn't make any retorts

I see no reason not to work with them. " "Um…" Just when Flynn was about to say something, his phone rang. It was from the president's office

. He shivered and took the call. "Dad. " "What is Evelyn doing?" Paul roared. "It's only been an hour, and we lost everything we had in Struyria!" Flynn said, "I'm talking to Adelmar's boss right now. We'll come to a solution. " "Adelmar's not the only problem here!" roared aul. "A few of our partners are canceling their contract too!" "What?" Flynn froze, and beads of sweat poured forth from his forehead. Evelyn heard that, and she turned pale, and she sweated buckets. "Get Evelyn on the phone!" growled Paul. Flynn frowned and handed the phone to Evelyn. With trembling hands, Evelyn took the phone. "Dad," she whispered. "Do not call me that!" said Paul angrily. "Do you have any idea how much you've cost us?" Evelyn shivered from her father's anger, and she felt her eardrums explode, so she put some distance between her and the phone. "Who did you cross this time?" Paul roared. "I just handed business over to you, and you brought it down in a single hour! Who the f*ck did you cross? I don't f*cking care. Just go on your knees and beg for their forgiveness! Suck a d*ck or two if you have to!" "Dad…" Paul hung up in anger, and Evelyn plopped down on her seat, deflated