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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 612

The call was loud enough for Benjamin, Janie, and the staff on the gold court to hear. Embarrassing to say the least, but Evelyn couldn't care less. Her priority was to find out what was going on, but no matter how much she racked her brains, she couldn't figure out who she crossed. She hadn't met too many people since she took over business on this side. The first person she met was Abel. Wait a minute. Realization struck her, and a chill ran down her spine. Emmeline? Abel did say she's some sort of super powerful woman. But what did he say? I don't really remember. No way. I've looked into her case. She's the daughter of the Louise family, and her family's not even that rich. There's no way she has the power to bring us down. No way. Evelyn shook her head and put on a pitiful look. "Mr. York, can you tell us why you did this?" "How should I know?" Benjamin smiled. "Perhaps your father is right. Maybe you got on some bigwig's nerves. Why else did they go after your company right after you took over?" "But I don't even know who I crossed. " Evelyn looked helpless. "We don't either. " Janie said, "Rack your brains, Ms. Murphy. " "Then it must be Emmelina," said Evelyn. "I was just talking to Abel in his office, and she was in the waiting room

Emmeline was weak, and not an ounce of strength was left within her. "I'll have to take this call. " Abel kissed her cheek

. Emmeline panted, and it took everything she had to just grunt. "I'll whip something up for you when we get back. " He whispered into her ear, "You can't be too weak, you know. I need this every night. " "You're a demon. " Emmeline narrowed her eyes. "You're fearsome even in bed, you know that?" Abel pinched her nose and smiled. "Only to you. I won't do it for anyone else. " "You should get the call. " Emmeline pushed him. "It's been ringing for a while. " Abel reluctantly got up and left the room, but the call had ended. He picked the phone up and checked his call history. Benjamin? He quickly called him back. "Hello, Mr. York. " Abel smiled. "I knew you'd call. " Benjamin evaded the main topic at first, and he smiled. "You're talking about the biopharm supply, I presume?" "Of course," said Abel. "I was just waiting for your call. I presume we can sign the deal now?"