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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 613

"Yep," said Benjamin. "I have the contract right here. Just bring your stamp over. " Abel checked the time. Hm, Em needs some time to straighten herself out. "We'll be there in an hour and a half. " "Sure thing," said Benjamin. "I'm at Adelmar's golf court. " "Ah, I'm up for a match. " Abel smiled. "It's my honor. " Benjamin smiled as well. And then the call ended. Emmeline heard it. She guessed it must have been from Benjamin. So the Murphys are there. She left the room and wrapped her arms around Abel. "Evelyn and her brother told him to call you?" "More than likely," said Abel. "He wouldn't have called otherwise. " "Guess we should meet up with them, then. " Emmeline pouted. "I'd love to see the look on Evelyn's face. " Abel turned around and hugged her. "Kendra's preparing a fresh set of clothes for you. You can't wear this dress now. " Emmeline blushed. The dress was soiled, so of course she couldn't wear it. "I'll tell Kendra what I'd like to wear," she said. "That works too

And he nodded timidly. Ah ha. So it's done

. Emmeline smiled. Half an hour later, Kendra came bearing clothes and skincare. Emmeline washed herself up and changed into the new clothes. She then tied her hair up into a ponytail, and it made her look younger. Abel changed into a black tracksuit. He looked cool and lively in it. Half an hour later, they came to the golf court. Benjamin and Flynn came to welcome them. Janie waved as well. "The gang's all here!" Emmeline cocked her eyebrow and looked at Evelyn, who was fidgeting under the parasol, and she sneered. Abel and Benjamin went for a game, while Emmeline and Janie went to get some shade. "Ah, you're here too, Ms. Murphy?" She pretended to be surprised. Evelyn said nothing, but she looked cold and distant. She wasn't sure if Emmeline was the one bigwig she crossed. No matter how she cut it, Emmeline was just a regular woman. Still she said, "Emma, we're friends. Can you help me out? Tell Benjamin to stop coming down on us. " "I can't tell Benjamin what to do. " Emmeline smiled. "You're overestimating my power, Ms. Murphy. " I don't care about you. I just need to use you