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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 614

"I know you can do it. " Evelyn held Emmeline's hand, but it was flung away. "He saved you back when you were shot. He wouldn't have done that if you were just his acquaintance. " Emmeline was surprised he did that. She was an inch away from death back then, and Benjamin didn't tell her that he saved her. "Please, just help a sister out, will you? If you don't help me, my dad's gonna kill me!" And that's what I'm gunning for. Evelyn swung Emmeline's arm, pouting. "Emma, pretty please? If you're still mad at me, I'll treat you to something someday. " "I told you I can't help you. " Emmeling flung her hand away. "I don't deal with business stuff. You should bring this up to him if you really need his help. " "But it's not that simple," insisted Evelyn. "All I did was run my mouth in Abel's office, and he came down on us. It must be because of you. " "And why are you so sure about that?" Evelyn had no answer. The waiting room was closed back then, and she had no idea if Emmeline was inside, but this was her best bet. "Emma…" She teared up. "I have nowhere else to turn to. This is my first day on the job, and I'm losing everything. At this rate, my dad will kill me. Please, help a girl out. " "Alright, shut it

" "I see. " Benjamin nodded. "I am willing to negotiate, but I won't be lenient

. After all, I will be relinquishing a part of my profit just for this favor. " Nervously, Evelyn asked, "What's your plan, Mr. York?" Benjamin said, "Since Ms. Louise has asked me to go easy on you, then I'll be resupplying your company with the herbs. " "That's great!" Evelyn jumped. "But…" Benjamin paused for a moment. "It's not time to celebrate just yet. I am not finished. " "What's your term, Mr. York?" asked Flynn nervously. "I will increase my prices by three percent. If that's alright with you, we can sign the deal," said Benjamin. "Three percent?" The Murphy siblings were shocked. Evelyn put on a bitter smile. "Mr. York, that's a bit too much, don't you think?" "I think it's perfectly fine," said Benjamin. "I'd have canceled the partnership if not for Ms. Louise. " Evelyn looked to her brother for help