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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 617

Janie tossed the kit into the bin and staggered into the living room to take the call. "Janie? Are you at Adelmar?" "No," said Janie quickly. "I'm at home. " "Huh? Are you alright? Why did you take the day off?" asked Emmeline. Janie took a deep breath. "Just feeling a little dizzy. Just need some sleep. " "I see," said Emmeline. "Catch a break. I'll see you when I get back. " "Sure, Emma. " Janie ended the call. Emmeline puffed her cheeks. She can't come with me. Guess I'll have to do this myself. Well, let's get going, then. She got changed, put on some makeup, and went downstairs. "Kendra, I'm not coming home for lunch. Tell Abel he can start without me. " "Where are you going, Ms. Louise?" Kendra was holding Quincy in her arms. Quincy was staring at Emmeline. Amused, she pinched the baby's cheek. "Evelyn asked me out for lunch. " "Evelyn?" Kendra's eyes went wide. "You shouldn't go, Ms. Louise. That woman is bad news. " "It's alright," said Emmeline

Just when he was about to pour a glass for Evelyn, she said, "I'd like to try the white wine. It's a local delicacy, they say. " "Sure thing

. " Morgan put the decanter down and poured a small glass of white wine for Evelyn. And then the food was served. Morgan held up his wine. "It's an honor to see you, Mrs. Ryker. Why don't we raise a toast to it?" "Of course. " Evelyn raised her glass of wine as well. "I'd like to thank Emma for her help as well. " "I said that was nothing to be thanked for. " Emmeline held up her glass as well. They raised a toast, and Morgan downed his wine. Then Evelyn followed suit. Emmeline thought there was a lot of wine in her glass, so she took a big swig, but she didn't finish it. "Oh, that's rude, Emma," said Evelyn. "Mr. Maldings and I downed all our drinks, and it's white wine too. Why aren't you doing the same?" "Red wine kicks in hard, you know," said Emmeline. "I can't drink. " "Oh, that's a shame," said Evelyn. "But you don't have to drink any more after this glass. You can always go for the juice. " "That works. " At least she's considerate. Emmeline finished her wine