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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 618

Evelyn poured a glass of juice and handed it to Emmeline. Morgan filled the ladies' plates with food as well. "Hot. " Emmeline frowned. "It's hot all of a sudden, but the AC is on. " Noticing Emmeline's face turning red, Evelyn shot Morgan a look. Morgan approached Emmeline and put his hand on her shoulder. "Feeling unwell? Shall I take you to a room?" "Get your hand off me," snapped Emmeline. "I'm fine. " "Just concerned, you see. " Morgan wrapped his arm around Emmeline's waist. Look at you. You're already sweating. I bet you're unwell. " "Get off!" Emmeline shoved him away. "I'm fine, so don't touch me!" "Hey, I just want to help. You look like you'd keel over. " Morgan wrapped his arm around Emmeline's waist again

" "What?" "You heard me, so come on. " Morgan tried to tear her collar open. "Die!" Emmeline held down her desire and slammed her knee into Morgan's crotch

. The searing pain coming from Morgan's junk almost sent him into a seizure, and he bent over. But that wasn't over. Emmeline quickly abused him to the point he fainted over the lavatory without even saying anything. Emmeline then opened the bathroom's door only to be met with an unbelievable scene. A few paparazzis were aiming their cameras at the bathroom, obviously here to find some scoop, but all they saw was Morgan lying on the lavatory, unconscious. Still, seeing Emmeline coming out still whipped them into a frenzy, and they started snapping photos. "You're done for!" Emmeline's eyes were red with fury, and her cheeks burned like the morning sun. She was alluring yet deadly at the same time. "You're not getting away. " She spun around and roundhouse kicked the cameras, and all the phones and cams were smashed into pieces. Emmeline then grabbed a male reporter and flung him into the wall. He smashed into the wall with a sickening thud, and blood trickled from his head. Emmeline was burning up with desire, but she found that violence and blood were great relievers, and she went on a fighting spree. In just a moment, all the paparazzis were lying on the floor, bleeding and moaning in pain. "Evelyn…" Emmeline gnashed her teeth and stormed toward the room Evelyn was in