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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 619

Evelyn was happily waiting for Emmeline and the man she hired to get into it, then the paparazzis would jump in and get their scoop. I bet the whole city's going to be shaken from this. They're going to talk about Abel's wife getting it on with another man in this very hotel… Just the thought of it made her laugh, but then her laughter was cut short by a loud bang. The door swung open, and before she could see what was going on, Emmeline slammed her foot into Evelyn's face. The impact made Evelyn bleed from her nose and mouth, and she fell over. "You set me up? You're dead, b*tch!" Emmeline held Evelyn up and slapped her a dozen times. By the time she was done, Evelyn's head was as swollen as a balloon. "I'll kill you!" Still beset by rage, Emmeline whipped out a needle and pricked Evelyn's back, then she tossed her out. Just when she was about to continue the abuse, desire flared back up. Emmeline lay on the table, huffing and puffing, but she managed to call Abel. "You gotta save me, honey. " "Emma?" Abel was shocked. "Where are you?" "I… I'll give you my location. " Emmeline tore at her collar. "Do it right now!" Emmeline hung up and gave Abel her location. About ten minutes later, a siren blared in the distance, and Abel came. When he kicked the room's door down, Emmeline was already almost naked. Abel took his jacket off and draped it over Emmeline. Concerned, he asked, "What happened?" "Someone spiked my drink. But I beat them up

Abel heaved a sigh, wiped the sweat off his forehead, and quietly got up. He washed himself up and got changed, then he left the room. Luca and the bodyguards were right outside, and it made Abel feel awkward

. Did they hear… No, the rooms are soundproofed well. The thought of that made him feel at ease. "So what's the deal with the guys Emmeline beat up. " "Um…" Luca said, "She beat up a fat guy and three paparazzis. Severely beat them up. They were taken to the hospital, but the whole place is still covered in blood. " "I see. " Abel nodded. "As long as they're not dead, then what happens is none of my concern. " "I grilled them for answers," said Luca. "They tried to sabotage the madam, but she fought back, so they failed. The madam can't be sued for self-defense. " "Good. " And that's why Emmeline called me. Only I could help her. But that was on short notice, and she wasn't holding back. That was tiring