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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 621

"I am Alana. If you must know the reason, then look at this. " Alana raised her left hand. "You can see that I am missing two fingers. " Evelyn gasped again. "You're saying…" "Yes, that b*tch did this to me. " Alana gritted her teeth. "And I'll make her pay for that. " "Count me in," said Evelyn. "I'm a Murphy. No one beats me up and gets away with it. " "You underestimate that woman," said Alana. "She's trained in the art of combat. She can take on five men easily, don't you know that?" "I don't," said Evelyn. "I'd have come up with a better plan otherwise. I thought Morgan could've done it, and then the scandal would break out. Not even Abel can shut the public up. For his family's reputation, he must cancel the wedding, and then I can have my revenge. I did not expect her to still be able to fight after she got drugged. " "You hate her because you like Abel, don't you?" "Like him?" Evelyn said honestly, "I'm head over heels for him. All it took was one glance, and I fell for him. I should've used my connections to make him marry me, but I didn't. And that b*tch slid in. " Alana sneered. "Ah, so you're walking the same path I did

Lane. " Evelyn held Alana's arm and pleaded, "Please. She's our mutual enemy

. " "We'll see about that," said Alana. "Now lie down. I'll get you some ointment. You look like a swollen tomato. " Evelyn touched her burning cheeks and muttered, "Thank you. " Alana left, and Evelyn tried to get herself some water, but she couldn't move an inch of her body. She thought it must be the aftermath of that battle, but she didn't feel any broken bones. Once again, she tried to push herself up, but she lost feeling of her body from the waist down. This is wrong. I could still walk when Alana held me. What's going on? And then she screamed. "I'm paralyzed!" Hearing the scream, Alana came back. "What happened?" "I-I'm paralyzed from the waist down. " Evelyn cried. "I can't even move!" "What?" Alana frowned. "That slam shouldn't even be powerful enough to do this. " "But it did! How else did it happen?" Evelyn screamed, "Damn you, Emmeline! I'll kill you!" Someone kicked the door open, and in came a brooding silhouette. It was none other than Adam. "M-Master?" Alana panicked. "Adam?" Evelyn gasped. "Why are you here?"