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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 622

"You're at Avalan. It's his mansion," said Alana quietly. "Acalan?" Evelyn gasped. "I'm at his place?" Adam stormed into the room and narrowed his eyes darkly. "You two were trying to attack Emmeline?" Panicked, Alana quickly said, "No, we said nothing of the sort, master. " "Lies. " Adam held her by the neck. "You almost killed her last time. I assume you remember what I put you through?" Alana sobbed, "I'm sorry, master. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. It's her. Evelyn said she wanted Emmeline dead. " "Evelyn?" Adam tossed Alana away and looked at Evelyn darkly. "What is the meaning of this, Ms. Murphy?" Evelyn was a little scared of Adam. "Why do you defend that woman, Adam?" "Because I like her. " Adam sneered. "Do anything you want with Abel. Kill him, what do I care? But touch Emmeline, and I will make you pay. " Evelyn said, "But Adam, she did this to me

" "Bull. " Adam sneered. "Even if I were to agree to that arrangement, we both know we'll be using each other

. You just want to get close to Abel through me. " Evelyn did have that idea, and she knew what Adam's plan was. "So you'll never be happy married to me. " Adam sneered. "I will. " Evelyn looked at him. "Just the fact she used Adelmar Group to bring my family down gives me enough reason to marry you. We're going to deal with them together, and I need your protection. " "She goaded Adelmar into this?" Adam narrowed his eyes. "Elaborate. " "After I took over the business in this city, I was going to lower the prices for the Rykers by three percent, but Adelmar came in and made a better offer. Six percent. They sniped our business and were willing to pay for all damages. But that's not all. They also cut all supplies to our company and plunged us into a crisis. I had to beg Emmeline before Benjamin would resume the supply, but they demanded a three percent price hike. By all accounts, she shouldn't have that much power, that Emmeline. "