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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 623

"I know Benjamin likes her too," said Adam. "But he's a businessman first and foremost. He wouldn't do anything she wants just because of love. " "That's right," said Evelyn. "I think Abel did say that Emmeline's some sort of bigwig. I thought he was bluffing, but now… now I don't think so. And Emmeline's a fighter too. She beat me up and did something to me. And now I'm paralyzed. It's obvious Emmeline is more than meets the eye. She might have some powerful backer. " "Is that so?" Abel whispered, "The Adelmars?" "The Adelmar family?" Evelyn gasped. "I think Rosaline mentioned that before. " "What?" Adam looked at her. "Explain that. " "I…" Evelyn shook her head. "I can't. I vaguely remember Rosaline bringing that name up once, and then nothing. " "You said she did something to you?" Adam frowned. "And then you got paralyzed?" Evelyn teared up and nodded like a hurt puppy. "Yes. " "Try moving around," said Adam. "It might be a coincidence

"You almost brought me down with you. " "I lost all feeling in my legs. Can you blame me?" "I am not blaming you

. Now get up. The master's waiting. " Evelyn pushed herself up and tearfully said, "I'd rather die than live like this. " "The master said he'd take you to Mr. Ywain. " Alana bent over to pull her up. "Now do your business, and don't let the master wait. " "But you can't hold me up," said Evelyn. "I know the restroom is nearby, but I can't get to it. " Alana mocked, "You can always crawl like a baby. And then I'll help. " "What? Are you mocking me?" "Not at all. " Alana chortled. "You're too heavy for me to hold up. What if I let you go, and you fall again? It's better if you crawl on all fours. " Evelyn cried. "Damn you, Emmeline! This is all your fault!" She had no choice but to crawl, or she would pee in her dress. She got into the bathroom and crawled up the toilet bowl