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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 624

Alana came in, sneering at her as she helped Evelyn sit and relieve herself. Evelyn then crawled out of the bathroom and lay on the sofa. "I'm pooped. " Evelyn's face was covered in tears and sweat. Alana held her chuckle in and wiped Evelyn off with a towel, then she straightened her clothes out. After that, she asked Adam to come in. A pair of bodyguards followed him. "Take her to the car. We're going to Sunny Avenue," said Adam in disgust. "Yes, sir!" the bodyguards said. One of them went to the couch and picked her up. An hour later, Adam came to Sunny Avenue. The bodyguard held Evelyn and followed him and Alana into Mr. Ywain's courtyard. Mr. Ywain was standing under a willow tree, smiling. "I was expecting you, Mr. Ryker. " "So that's why you've been waiting?" Adam smiled. "Of course. I always welcome my important guests myself. " Mr. Ywain extended his arm ahead. "Come with me, please. " Adam followed the old man into the living room. The bodyguard with Evelyn in his arms entered as well, while Alana stood behind Adam. "I see I have a patient. " Mr

Ywain asked, "Miss, do you remember where you were attacked?" "It was a blur," said Evelyn. "I felt someone prick my back, but I wasn't too sure. " "Your back?" Mr

. Ywain frowned. "Who attacked you?" "A woman about my age. " "What?" Mr. Ywain held his beard. "That can't be right. " "How so?" asked Adam. "Is there something we should know?" "If I'm right, only an Adelmar knows how to inflict this kind of damage, but the remaining members of that family are Robert and his son. There are no women. " "Are you sure it's an Adelmar?" "No other explanation as far as I'm concerned. " Adam sneered. "I knew she was an Adelmar Clan member. " Mr. Ywain asked, "And why did you suspect her in the first place?" "I have seen Waylon's needles. The one he assassinates with," said Adam. "The needles that woman uses are the same as the ones he used. But she tricked me. " "So the Adelmar Clan took in another student?" Mr. "That's not good. " "My grandfather told me you and the Adelmar Clan have beef," said Adam. "Um…" Mr. Ywain smiled awkwardly. "To be honest, I only started the path of medicine after I stole some books from the Adelmar Clan, so they see me as a thief. " "You stole?" Adam was a little speechless. He didn't think someone like Mr. Ywain would steal