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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 626

Evelyn held Adam's hand. "But if Emmeline really is an Adelmar Clan member, will you still take her side?" "Of course," said Adam. "I don't have any grudge against them, so I'll still take her side. " "So why are you investigating?" "Because…" Because my grandfather has beef with them. He couldn't say that in front of everyone though, and he didn't want his grandfather to attack Emmeline. Mr. Ywain knew the reason, but since Adam was saying nothing, he kept quiet as well. Evelyn hiccuped. "I'm going to be your wife soon, and still you're taking her side?" "You should figure out how to get her to save you," said Adam. "Even if I am marrying you, I won't accept you when you're in this state. " "I…" Evelyn cried. "I won't bow to someone like her. " "Then you'll live your life out in a wheelchair. " Alana sneered. "Is that a life you want?" Evelyn was silent for a while, then she said, "I'll do it for a while. Then I'll scour the best hospitals in this city. There's no way they can't cure me. Not when this is just primitive shamanism. " "You are stubborn," said Mr. Ywain. "If this is an Adelmar tactic, not even the best medicine in the world can cure you. Why aren't you bowing your head?" "I just don't want her to give me that smug grin of hers," said Evelyn angrily. "I'm putting my faith in doctors. " "Fine, suit yourself," snapped Adam. "We should go now

" "What? Why?" Alana asked. "I have my reasons. " Alana obliged and took her to the OBGYN department

. Evelyn asked the doctor behind the desk, "Doctor, may I know why that lady came here?" The doctor looked at her. "Sorry. Confidential information. " "But she's my friend," said Evelyn. "I'm worried about her. " "I see. She's not in a good mood. You might want to cheer her up. " "What happened?" "She's pregnant. Wanted to abort, but she hesitated. " Evelyn was shocked. "P-Pregnant?" "Yes. " The doctor nodded. "I see. Thank you. " Evelyn told Alana to take her away. "You are nosy. " Alana sneered. "Had to snoop around, huh?" "This is different," said Evelyn. "That woman is Emmeline's friend. I can gain the upper hand if I know more about that woman. "