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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 627

Janie went to the OBGYN department. After a whole night of thinking, she decided to abort the baby, but after her doctor's advice, she decided she should wait. After all, this was her first baby, and it was also Benjamin's first child. Maybe this is fate. I should keep it. The baby's innocent. If he can't give me the marriage I want, I can always be a single mother. I can raise the child. I make enough money for that. She left the hospital looking miserable, then she called Benjamin. "I was just going to look for you," Benjamin said calmly. "Why aren't you in your office?" "The leave application is on my table. " Janie tried her best not to cry. "I wanted to take a few days off. " "Why?" Benjamin frowned. "There's no reason for that. I think I've been spoiling you a lot. " "Hey, a girl can be unwell, can't she?" Janie sobbed. "Unwell?" A moment of silence later, Benjamin said, "Get some rest. " Just when he was about to hang up, Janie quickly said, "I need to talk to you. Do you have time?" "Why can't you do this in the office?" Benjamin was a little impatient. "Or do it over the call. " "This is private," she said bitterly

"Why? This is sudden. " "Just got the idea yesterday," said Janie. "It's been exhausting, so I'd like to decompress

. " "You couldn't say that on the phone?" Benjamin frowned. "Why'd you go through all this?" "You won't even give me a few moments of your time, huh?" Janie teared up again. " "No. You know how much work I have to do. " "You'd still leave a house to burn if it were Emmeline asking you out, though. " A moment later, Benjamin said, "You can't say that, Janie. You know how…" "How important is she to you? I know. She's more important than I am," Janie interrupted, and she was on the verge of tears. "I know you love her, so you'd go to her side no matter what happens. You won't afford that kind of patience with me. Because I'm nothing compared to her. " "That is unreasonable. " Benjamin was a little angry. "I told you how I felt about her. I protected her with my life for years. I love her, even if she doesn't love me back. I'd still protect her with my life. Why do you have to agonize over this?"