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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 629

"It's called a wake-up call. " Alana sneered. "Emmeline's the one he loves, so you can forget about getting his love. " "Emmeline!" Evelyn gnashed her teeth. "I'll kill her!" "Yeah, shout all you want. " Alana mocked. "You're a cripple. You can't even fend for yourself, let alone get back at her. " "I…" Evelyn looked down. "If you really want revenge, we can work together," said Alana. "But with you being a cripple, I think I should shelve that plan. " "I can ask her to help me out," said Evelyn. "I need to get back up if I want to get back at her. Gotta learn how to be flexible. " "Finally. " Alana nodded, smiling darkly. "I'll tell Adam to ask her out. " Evelyn pushed the wheelchair. "You are not going to do that. " Adam came down, holding a glass of red wine. "I just got into a fight with Abel. If I ask for any favors, it'd be bad for me. You're dealing with this yourself. " Alana sneered. He's so unromantic. "What now?" Evelyn looked down. "I need someone to help me out

" Evelyn kept crying. "But you can't just let me live like this my whole life. I don't want to live like this

. You have to help me. " Flynn heaved an exasperated sigh. "Where are you right now?" "Adam's villa. Avalan," said Evelyn. "If I can heal up, I can marry Adam. You gotta help me, Flynn. " "Yeah, I got that. " Flynn held his anger back. "Just give me your location. I'll pick you up, and we can both ask Emmeline to help us out. " "Thank you, Flynn. " Evelyn ended the call and quickly gave her location to him. About forty minutes later, Flynn arrived at the villa, and Adam welcomed him. Well, as much a welcome as a haughty host with an arrogant disposition could muster. "I'm sorry my sister troubled you, Adam. " "I'm used to it. " Adam crossed his legs, smiling. "She's a fool. " "Please be patient with her, Adam. " "Of course. If she marries me, I'll be as patient as I can be with her. " "I'll tell our father about this. Once she heals up, you can get married anytime you want. "