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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 630

"There's no hurry," Adam replied indifferently. "Ms. Evelyn's health is more important now. " "Yeah, I know. " Flynn nodded. Adam would not marry Evelyn if she was paralyzed. "I'm not in a good condition with Abel now," said Adam again. "Otherwise, I will bring Ms. Evelyn to meet Emmeline. So, it's better that you go and meet her yourself. " "Yeah, I understand," Flynn answered with a wry smile. "Luckily, my relationship with Abel is still not that bad. " "Hope you can meet them and settle things then!" Adam replied politely. With that, Alana sent both Flynn and Evelyn to the door. Evelyn got into Flynn's car and soon they sped to the Precipice. Flynn had asked his assistant to find out about Emmeline's whereabouts earlier. About forty minutes later, Flynn and Evelyn arrived at the Precipice. At that time, Emmeline was watering the flowers with the gardeners in the back garden. Kendra walked up to her with Quincy in her arms. "Be careful…. It's slippery here," Emmeline said. Kendra moved aside quickly and informed, "Ms. Emmeline, someone's looking for you. The guy said he is from the Murphy family and the lady is Ms. Evelyn. " "Evelyn?" With the hose in her hand, Emmeline sneered, "Finally, she's here

"Didn't you hear what Ms. Evelyn said just now?" Hearing that, Flynn was nervous. "Ms

. Louise, I'm so sorry. My sister is too straightforward. Please forgive her. " "I'm not mad at her," replied Emmeline at once. "But I have to say that your sister is too blunt! I just wanted to teach her a lesson, that's all. And you don't have to thank me with these hampers. " Hearing that, Flynn could not help but gasp. She's fierce! "Emma, please…" Evelyn begged. "I know I was wrong. Flynn also scolded me. Please let me stand up again. I can't even go to the washroom by myself sitting in a wheelchair. " "What? What did you say? You can't stand up now? You should go to see a doctor. Not me… I can't help you!" Emmeline scowled sarcastically. "You're the one who stabbed the needle in my back that day. I felt a sudden pain!" Evelyn bawled. "What are you talking about?" Emmeline sneered again. "I don't carry needles with me…" "You're the one who stabbed me and I can't stand up after that…" Evelyn exclaimed. "Are you joking?" Emmeline refuted. "I admit that I hit you. But I didn't stab you with a needle. "