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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 631

Evelyn was rendered speechless. "I saw from the hotel surveillance video. Although you were hit by me, a girl helped you up, and you guys ran away in a hurry. At that time, you have no problem standing up. " Evelyn was dumbfounded. She was running so fast at that time. "You hurt yourself in an accident, didn't you? Don't blame everything on me, okay? I'll call the police. " Evelyn was stunned. She could not even refute it. Alana helped Evelyn get up, and they ran to the lift together. At that time, Evelyn had no problems with her legs. However, Evelyn could not get out of bed and stand up the next day in Avalon. If that was the case, it seemed that Evelyn had no reason to blame Emmeline at all. Evelyn frowned, but why could she not stand up now? Emmeline could not help but smirk. Who asks you to lie down to sleep? If you didn't lie down, you might still be able to stand up and walk now! Flynn was confused. Did Emmeline really not do it? "It's useless that you beg me here!" Emmeline shook her hand. "Go to the hospital. " "No!" Evelyn bawled. She was anxious

"It's not easy to find her," answered Emmeline slowly. "But you can call her assistant. If she wants to see you, she will ask her assistant to contact you

. " "Oh, okay…" Flynn could not help but nod. " But what's her name?" "Wonder Doctor!" "Wonder Doctor?" Flynn gasped. "I think I've heard of her name before. From my father. " "Great! Then you can ask your father about it," Emmeline replied. "All right. Let me ask my father. Sorry to bother you, Ms. Louise. " With that, Flynn pushed Evelyn's wheelchair and left. It was not until Flynn carried Evelyn back to his car that Kendra let out a sigh of relief. "It's ridiculous. How could they accuse you like that? You're such a kind and caring woman. "