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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 632

"Exactly!" Emmeline carried Quincy from Kendra and teased, "Well, I can only carry Quincy. How could I hit her until she's paralyzed?" "Yeah… How could she accuse you like that?" Kendra exclaimed. "Let's stop talking about them. " Emmeline smiled and patted Quincy's back. "Let's get ready for lunch. Mr. Abel is coming back soon. " "Let me do it…" Kendra volunteered. "You can play with Quincy. " "All right. I'll bring Quincy to play in the garden!" At noon, Abel came back from work. As soon as he got down from the Rolls-Royce, he saw Emmeline playing with Quincy in the garden. He could not help admiring Emmeline as she was so charming. Abel walked up to Emmeline and hugged her, as well as Quincy. Quincy giggled, revealing his two front baby teeth. After kissing Quincy, Abel whispered in Emmeline's ear, "We've worked hard every day. Do you think we'll have another baby soon?" "Don't think about it!" Emmeline smirked. "I'm not planning for it. So, don't worry. I will not get pregnant. " "Why?" Abel asked

Abel, Ms. Emmeline, lunch is ready," informed Kendra, wearing an apron. With that, Abel walked into the house with Emmeline and Quincy together

. On the other hand, Flynn and Evelyn returned to the villa in Struyria. After the maid sent Evelyn back to her room, Flynn took out his phone and dialed a number. As soon as Paul received Flynn's call, he shouted over the phone. "I was just about to call you. What's wrong with Evelyn? Why do more than a dozen companies stop cooperating with us? She's putting us into trouble. " "I'm looking into it," answered Flynn. "But Dad, I have something urgent to ask you. " "What? What could be more urgent than our family business? What the hell did Evelyn do that made the Ryker family treat us as their enemy?" Hearing that, Flynn took a deep breath. "Well, Evelyn might have offended Ms. Louise, Abel's wife. That's why…" "Abel's wife?" Paul was surprised. "When did Abel get married?" "Not sure. But he has a wife. Her name is Emmeline. They have four sons together. " "Then how did Evelyn get involved?" asked Paul worriedly. "How would they treat us as their enemy suddenly?"