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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 635

"The Murphy family doesn't have a billion? If you can't pay this amount. I think we should not waste each other's time. " "I have it. It's just that Murphy was in a difficult situation recently, one billion will have a significant impact right now. " "Not my problem. I'll hang up now if there's nothing else," said Benjamin. "Wait! When will the Wonder Doctor be here? My daughter is running out of time. " "If Mr. Murphy had made a decision, please pay a deposit of 500 million. The Wonder Doctor's private plane will fly there soon. " "Alright. I'll pay the deposit now. " "Hm. " Benjamin nodded, "I will contact you when we arrive in Altney. " Ten minutes later, Emmeline received the 500 million deposit in her bank. She called Benjamin, "Ben, we can depart now. " "I'll pick you up. The helicopter is waiting on the tarmac

Is that a matter of a billion dollars?" "I can't be blamed for that. I have no idea that so many problems would arise. " "Still being stubborn? Can't you learn from Lizbeth and behave yourself by not causing trouble?" Paul asked angrily

. "I know you don't like me that much. Lizbeth is your biological child. Ever since she came back, Mom and you have treated me differently. " "You're just… unbelievable!" "When Lizbeth was kidnapped by the Imperial Palace, you offered a branch willingly to thank Abel. When it's for my cure, you're upset that it cost a billion to treat me. " "That's because we owe Lizbeth. You grew up with everything, how much did Lizbeth suffer?" "That's her fate!" "Slap!" Paul slapped Evelyn, "You're really an ungrateful brat!" "Actually, I've always suspected that you were the mastermind behind Liz's kidnapping by the Imperial Palace. Be honest, did you do it or not?" Mrs. Murphy came over and said. "I…" Evelyn panicked, "Mom! How could you? I'm also heartbroken when Liz was kidnapped by the Imperial Palace being sold as a Canary. " "I don't have any evidence to prove that you did that. After you get healed by the Wonder Doctor, you should leave the Murphy family. You're bringing us down with you. " Evelyn was shocked, "Dad, Mom, don't drive me away! Don't you guys want me anymore?"