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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 636

"That's right, Mom and Dad. Evelyn would still be your daughter even when she made a thousand mistakes. You raised her, you can't kick her out. " "Yes mom and dad," Flynn said, "A thousand mistakes, Evelyn is also the daughter you raised, you can't kick her out. " Mrs. Murphy kept quiet. She was also upset but the Murphy family was screwed by Evelyn recently. Paul frowned, "Fine, let's talk about it later. We're going to the Altney Hotel now. The Wonder Doctor is waiting for us. " Half an hour later, they arrived at the door of the luxury suite of Altney Hotel by Benjamin's instructions. Paul couldn't help but slow down his steps when he saw ten black-clad bodyguards in front of the suite door. They were all wearing black masks and black sunglasses. All of them were tall and stern. Among the bodyguards, there was one that stood out. He was more charismatic and it could be seen from far away. Evelyn's heart skipped a beat when she looked up from her wheelchair. She was stunned by the extraordinary "bodyguard". She had a vague feeling that he was Abel

Emmeline poked a needle twice under Evelyn's raised arm. "Why did you hit me?" Evelyn stood up with tears in her eyes. "It's done! Transfer the remaining 500 million and you guys are free to go

. I need to rest now. " Emmeline said. Evelyn realized that she had stood up. "Wow, I'm cured!" Flynn and Paul glanced at each other. Evelyn is cured with 2 slaps? Paul was grateful and angry at the same time. After hearing 2 slaps, a billion was gone! "Dad, I'm really cured! I can stand and move now!" Evelyn jumped up in surprise. "You're cured but the Murphy family is screwed by you!" Paul grunted. "Dad, are you still angry with me? You're not really going to kick me out, are you?" Evelyn asked nervously. "I think your mother is right, we can't afford to raise an ungrateful brat anymore. It's best if you leave the Murphy family. " "Dad! Don't kick me out. I've been your daughter for more than 20 years. I have nothing left if I leave the Murphy family. How could I survive?" Evelyn begged. "If you cared about survival, why did you harm us with your actions? Did I give a billion dollars just to hear two slaps? Do you think that money can be earned easily?"