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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 637

"Dad…" "We're going to be delisted from the market soon as our stock has hit rock bottom. Incan;t afford to have a daughter like you!" "Dad…" Evelyn panicked. "I don't have a daughter like you. Leave the Murphy family now!" "Dad, I'm sorry. I'll go back to Struyria, make amends to Emmeline, and beg her to leave the Murphy family alone. Don't kick me out!" Evelyn begged again. "It's too late now!" Paul said with a sullen look. "Dad, let Evelyn try. Give her another chance. As long as Emmeline promises not to make things difficult for us, the Rykers and Adelmar will not cause any trouble. " "Where's she from? She had the right to control the Rykers and Adelmar. You guys were too careless!" "Dad, no matter what, I'm going to Struyria. Even if I had to kneel and beg Emmeline, I'll ask her to let the Murphy family go. Give me another chance!" Evelyn pleaded. "Dad, please give Evelyn another chance. " Flynn also begged for Evelyn. "Go back to Struyria immediately after packing. If Emmeline doesn't forgive you, you can leave the Murphy family!" "Dad…" Evelyn was upset. How could she leave the Murphy family? She was a princess in the family

"Well, I'm waiting for her. Let her in. " Kendra told the security guards to open the gate while Emmeline went back to the main living room

. Flynn walked in with Evelyn, carrying two boxes of gifts. Evelyn kneeled in front of Emmeline before she spoke. "Emma, please tell the Rykers and Adelmar to stop striking on the Murphy. We are in deep trouble now. Please let us go. " "Your leg is healed?" Emmeline asked. "Thanks to Ms. Louise's advice, it was the Wonder Doctor that healed Evelyn," Flynn said. "That's great. Treat others better in the future, karma is real. Look what happened to you. It's a disaster for a beautiful girl like you to be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. " "Emma, I know I did the wrong thing. I shouldn't have drugged you and ordered some old man to assault you. I apologize sincerely to you, please forgive me. Please don't make things difficult for the Murphy family anymore, okay?" "Are you kidding me? When did I have the ability to make things difficult for the Murphy family? You're begging the wrong person again, aren't you?" Emmeline said with a smile