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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 638

"I'm not begging the wrong person. I know Mr. Abel and Mr. Benjamin did something to the Murphy family to avenge you. My father was very angry about it and he wanted to kick me out. Please tell the Ryker family and Adelmar to let us go. " "What does that have to do with me? Why didn't you think of the consequences before you plot to harm me?" Emmeline sneered. "It's my fault. I'm too stupid and reckless. Please forgive me," begged Emmeline. "Ms. Louise, Evelyn is repenting now. She had been scolded by my father. Please give Evelyn a chance to prove herself. " "Emma, please. I beg you. " "Fine. Get up first. I can't stand people crying and sobbing. It's so annoying. " "Ms. Emmeline, don't forgive her. She's a vicious woman!. " Kendra exclaimed while carrying Quincy

" Evelyn and Flynn looked at each other in surprise. Emmeline saw how pitiful Dad was? When did she meet him? However, both of them stayed silent thinking it was Emmeline's slip of the tongue. "That's right

. My dad had paid a billion for the Wonder Doctor to cure me. He was more concerned about the money," Evelyn said unhappily. "You're so ungrateful! How can you say that about your dad?" Emmeline frowned. "I don't mean it that way. I know how difficult it was for him. It's me who caused it. " Evelyn defended herself hurriedly. "I'm worried for Paul, he raised an ungrateful brat!" Emmeline was furious. "No, I'm not. I will definitely be filial to my parents in the future. How could I be ungrateful towards them?" "You better do what you said. Otherwise, God will punish you. " Emmeline's phone suddenly rang, and it was Benjamin calling. "Emma, did Janie contact you?" "Janie? No. What happened to her?" "Janie said she was going on a trip abroad. It's been a few days. I couldn't get through to her when I called her today. " "Janie is traveling abroad? It's so sudden. I didn't hear her mention it before. "