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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 639

"She decided it spontaneously. I couldn't reach her today. " "Is it because her phone is dead?" Emmeline asked. "Maybe. I'll call her later. " "Update me if you have any news about her. " "Okay," Benjamin hung up. "Strange," Emmeline muttered to herself, "Why did Janie travel abroad suddenly? She didn't tell me about it either. " "Janie? I nearly forgot about it if you didn't mention it. I ran into Janie in the hospital a few days ago. " "In the hospital?" Emmeline questioned, "What happened to Janie?" Evelyn lowered her voice and said, "I saw her going to the ob-gyn. I went in to ask about it, it turned out…" "What's wrong?" "Janie is pregnant and she wants an abortion. The doctor advised her not to do so and she left. " "Janie is pregnant? Whose child is it?" "It should be Mr. Benjamin's, right? I mean, who else could it be?" Evelyn said Emmeline had goosebumps, "Benjamin? How can he be so irresponsible?" "Ms. Emmeline, take it easy

"Emma, what is wrong with you?" Emmeline's eyes were red while she tugged on Benjamin's tie, "I couldn't imagine that you're such a person. You've disappointed me. " "Emma," Benjamin put her hand away and said, "What happened? Don't be like this

. I'm scared!" "You're scared? How about Janie? She is pregnant. Do you think she wouldn't feel scared, lonely and helpless?" Emmeline's tears were welling up in her eyes. Benjamin frowned, "Emma what did you say?" "I said… Janie is pregnant. " Emmeline repeated. Benjamin was stunned. "Don't you say that it's not your baby. " Benjamin nodded, "It's mine. " "I really feel like slapping you now!" Emmeline exclaimed, "Why did you sleep with her if you don't love her?" Benjamin didn't know how to explain what happened to Emmeline. He didn't even know that it was Janie who took the initiative that night. "How could you be so irresponsible?" Emmeline's tears fell, "Benjamin, do you want another Emmeline from five years ago to appear?" "No," Benjamin panicked, "Where is Janie? I'll go find her. I didn't say I will not be responsible for it. It's Janie who won't agree with me!" "How do I know where she is? Why did you hurt her when you don't love her?"