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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 642

Benjamin stayed silent. I hate myself so much! Why did I drink so much that night? You have to be responsible for the pregnancy. Why did she disappear? What are you doing, Benjamin?" Abel was still fuming over the phone. "I'm looking for her with Emma now. Please don't give me any trouble now, Abel. " "I'm going to find you guys, give me your location," said Abel. "For what? It's Janie who's pregnant, not…" "I am worried for my Emma. She will be sad if you guys can't find Janie. " "I'm here for her. " You're the one I fear! Abel thought. "Anyway, give me the location!" "Forget it," Benjamin said, "Emma and I will return to Adelmar, meet us there. " Half an hour later, the three of them met up. Abel had his arms around Emmeline on the sofa in the CEO's office. He was wiping her tears and coaxing her. It made Benjamin jealous. "Babe, Janie will be fine. We will find her. Don't cry. " Emmeline nodded. "I will teach that irresponsible man a lesson for Janie. Don't get angry. " Emmeline shook her head. "What? Are you standing on his side now?" "We can't blame Ben for everything that happened

Everyone!" Alana said with jealousy. "I know right? How can we release our hatred of her?" "Hush, don't let Mr. Adam hear that!" Alana whispered

. "Mr. Adam hates Abel, but we hate Emmeline. It's hard to be on the same side. " "Unless we can help Mr. Adam to take down Abel, then we can have a chance to go after Emmeline. " "But I don't want to take down Abel, I just want to go after Emmeline!" "That's not easy," Alana said. "I think the opportunity is here," Evelyn said with a sly smile. "What opportunity?" Alana asked. "Here…" Evelyn leaned towards Alana and whispered a few words. "It's quite a good plan, but we still had to get Mr. Adam's consent. We could lose our lives over it. " "If we tell him about it, he will protect Emmeline. How could we take revenge on her?" Alana pondered for a moment and nodded, "That's true too. " "Just follow my lead. Once Emmeline is in our hands, we will punish her. It's better to keep it a secret from Mr. Adam. " "What if something happens?" Alana did not dare to take risks knowing what Adam could do